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Hey, ok, so - I really want some piercings. I can bare some pain, but not extreme pain. I'm kinda young, but am just thinking about what I want in the future. (almost 15). plus, my parents don't really agree with me on this.. :) so i almost convinced them to let me get my cartilage done. any tips or facts about after-effects? in the future i kinda want my belly button and tongue.. more tips? thanks- and tell me if you think they're WAY to painful or something :) (alicia) yeah so i've heard :) thanks! i just kinda thought tongue piercings were cool but i guess in all fairness they are kinda trashy.... i definitely want my belly button though

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  1. Rachel Says:

    dont ever get your tounge pierced! I got my nose pierced and I love it! its exotic but not trashy :)

  2. sydneyracine. Says:

    never ever pierce your tongue. get your nose pierced, i got mine done when i was 14 and it didnt hurt much.

  3. [alicia] Says:

    if your get your cartilage pierced, do NOT get it pierced with a gun. it WILL shatter the cartilage and you’ll be feeling the pain for years after. (happened to me) I suggest you get it done with a needle at a piercing parlor.

    edit: i’m not sure why everyone’s telling you not to get your tongue pierced, it doesn’t hurt that bad. your mouth waters a little bit and that’s about it.

  4. Shawna Says:


  5. Amber Says:

    Cartilage hurts a little but it’s worth it!!!! Just be carful u don’t brush it when brushing your hair like I did. As for the belly button that dosnt hurt eaither not sure bout the tongue I want one tho

  6. Lil Red Says:

    So far I agree with most everyone else. I don’t recommend getting the tongue done. It’s painful, it’s unattractive, and can cause a lot of problems. I think a cartilidge piercing is a great place to start. I agree that having it pierced with a needle is best, although I disagree that you will have pain for years if you have it done with a gun. A gun DOES shatter the cartilidge, and it is very painful for a few weeks, but I haven’t had ANY trouble with mine since it healed. I had mine done 13 years ago when they were all done with a gun. One problem with having it done with a gun is that you are only going to be able to wear “regular” earrings. None of the “special” body jewelry. I had mine gauged about 6 months ago so that I could wear the “goodies” that are made for it. Be careful with a belly piercing. Do a LOT of research on your piercers before you get it done. I didn’t know that they could mess up a belly piercing until mine was messed up, not once, but twice. This last time, unfortunately, it was migrating, too, so I’m having to let it grow up. Nose piercings are cute, sexy and generally accepted by most employers. On the pain factor, the cartilidge will not hurt too bad, but will be sore for a week or so. Same with a nose piercing. The belly piercing hurts less than the cartilige and nose piercings, but you can have more problems with it. Especially if you aren’t prepared to care for it properly. Something else you may want to research and consider is surface piercings. I was told my a piercer that I may not be able to have my belly done again since it was migrating, so maybe I should consider a surface piercing. They’re becoming more and more popular. Good luck with your parents, but don’t rush things. And don’t try to do too much at one time. One piercing at a time and let them heal before you do another. Oh, and one thing to remember with ANY piercing is H2Ocean…ask your piercer! Hope this has helped you!

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