Why does my cartilage ear piercing have a bump on the back of the hole?

I just recently got 3 cartilage ear piercings last month. Now I took them off to see how the healing is doing but there is a bump on each one on the back. Why is that? I also have another cartilage piercing from 2 years ago and I also have a bump on the back of the whole as well and it's still there. Why is this? Will it ever go away?

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  1. hunny414 Says:

    i had the same thing so i went to the pharmacist and they told me to put saline solution on it and it went away… but idk if it will work for the old one

  2. ziglet Says:

    That doesn’t sound good but does it hurt? Since you just had them done, I would go back to the place and ask about it. Might just be an infection.
    As far as the older one goes, probably got infected and healed itself badly leaving scar tissue or something.
    I have a few and no bumps whatsoever.
    Take care of it or you’ll just end up with more bumpy cartlidge.

  3. ILoveSean<3 Says:

    I don’t think it’s gonna go away.
    To me it sounds like it’s just from where the needle went through the back it like pulls that skin that way. If that makes sense at all.
    It’s not bad or anything, it’s just the way the piercing is.

  4. giantfluffyflamingo Says:

    The most plausible reason why you are seeing a bump is because you have a keloid. Keloids are build ups of cartilage that can form from getting your cartilage pierced by a gun.

  5. asher3620 Says:

    Ear cartilage piercings take between 3 months and a year to heal. Most people spend 6 months to a year on healing, especially if they are pierced with a gun. Lots of piercing shops at the mall will tell you that you are healed in 8 weeks, but that is a flat out lie for 99% of the population.

    Since you’ve only been healing a month on the new piercings, those bumps are most likely reversable with proper care. I suggest a visit to a reputable body piercer to have correctly sized and shaped jewelry put in place. Regular earring studs can apply a lot of friction and irritation to a piercing that can cause lumps to form.

    If you were pierced by a professional and have correct jewelry in, start performing regular sea salt soaks and try to minimize any pressure on your piercings from sleeping or other activities.

    There are a few things this bump could be.

    It could be a collection of fluid under your skin. These can form when the skin is being irritated by jewelry that is badly fitted or the piercing is trying to drain and is blocked for some reason. The backings on regular earrings are a big cause of this kind of problem. Think of it like a big, deep blister. If it obviously has some liquid in it, take your ear to either a body piercer or your doctor to see if it should be drained. I don’t suggest popping or squeezing it yourself since that can make the whole problem worse.

    It could be a permanent lump from the cartilage of your ear being distorted by piercing with a gun. A piercing gun literally jams through your cartilage and sometimes this can result in the cartilage being forced out of shape, leaving a lump.

    The most likely source of bumps on your healed piercings is hypertrophic scarring. This is a type of scarring that can raise up beyond the usual level of the surrounding skin, but is not a keloid scar. These scars are incredibly common on ear cartilage piercings. They are even more likely on piercings performed with guns or worn with regular earring studs with butterfly backs. If your piercing is bumped or snagged it can also form this sort of scar tissue.

    On the bright side, most hypertrophic scars do eventually go away with good care and lots of patience. This process can take weeks to months, so don’t give up. To get the scarring to go down you will also need to wear jewelry that doesn’t rub tightly on the area or get caught on passing items often to avoid irritating it. Many people have success with asprin paste, tea tree oil, or sea salt soaks. To perform a sea salt soak, mix 1/4 teaspoon sea salt with 8oz warm water and soak the piercings for a few minutes at a time.

    There is a slim chance that you’ve formed a keloid scar. This is what most people will assume any bump on a piercing is, but it’s actually not too likely. Most people who truly form keloid scars on piercings form them in other areas of skin as well. If this is the case, your doctor can use one of a few removal methods to try to improve the scar.

    I suggest a visit to a reputable, knowledgable piercer (the best in your area, please) to have the bumps looked at. The piercer will be able to help you find appropriate jewelry and can suggest the methods listed above and any others he knows. If you prefer, you can always go to your doctor for adivce, but keep in mind that not all doctors are informed about piercings and how best to get them to heal.

  6. kaylaxo1 Says:

    that happend to me to i still have them, but they itch i asked my doctor about it and she said to clean it with the cleaner they give yhu or for an alturnitave you can use rubbing alcohol

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