The best part of your ear to get pierced?

I'm 13 and I'm thinking about getting another piercing in my ear. What's the most unusual place and cuttest place on your ear to get pierced? Whatever the piercing is, I want it in both my left and my right ear.

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  1. Flattery™ Says:

    Either lobe, or cartilage. Or, perhaps inside your ear.

  2. Sailing is my life~Anti-Jonas Says:

    T is the one that i think is unusual and cute!.. my friend got it done and it looked rockin on her!
    good luck & hope i helped<3

  3. ttt3 Says:

    What I’m going to get is the ones right above my first piercing, it’s so cute. I’d get the cartilage one too but I’m afraid.

  4. Crazy Mo-Mo Says:

    with me and my family we can only Peirce on the lobe bc on the cartilage it would get infected. that doesn’t happen to everyone but I’m just saying be care full

  5. Brittany Says:

    well i have my tragus, rook, lobe and helix

    the helix is the much more common one
    the tragus is becoming a little more common but is still unusual and would look cute on both sides. i only have it on my right side but it would look cute on both
    the rook is not very common but i dont think it would be so cute on both ears.

    if you dont know what these piercings are, here is a website you can go on and look at them

    just scroll down and there is a picture of an ear with all the different kinds of piercings you can get in your ear =D

    Good Luck!!

  6. SMB Says:

    U should get the inside of ur ear pierced. I don’t know what they call that kind of piercing, but it is really unique, not a lot of girls have it, and I think it looks hot on a girl. If u did that tho, u should only do it on 1 ear. If u want to get something on both ears, y don’t u just get an extra piercing in each of ur lobes?

  7. beazeyy Says:

    i have both of my rooks done,
    and they are soo amazing ha

    its the line of cartlidge that goes horizontal
    under the arch at the top of your ear

    where i got mine done it was $60 but
    not alot of places do that so try a BJP if there
    and any around there, some tattoo parlors do it too

  8. Bri Says:

    Double Lobe Piercings…

    (You can get your piercing on the top of your ear or middle, they are really cute, but common)

  9. mystic_nightmare Says:

    i love my rook and tragus piercings the most but i wouldn’t get them on both sides. they both look super cool. if you want to get it done on both sides just stick to lobes. but it depends on how many other piercings you have in your ears, you can get your cartilage done on both sides if you have a few.
    whatever you do don’t get your tragus done on both sides my friend got it done and it looks weird. and make sure you pick a piercing you like not one which everyone tells you to get! there is no point in getting a piercing for others.

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