Tongue piercings and oral sex…?

I have recently gotten my tongue pierced, and a male friend of mine said that getting oral by someone with a tongue piercing is amazing where as another said there's no difference...

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  1. Mr. Hairy Says:

    Believe me… you don’t wanna know.

  2. uh-la-n-nuh<3 nuff said Says:

    no he just is saying that to flirt or something

  3. Funk Me Sideways Says:

    Lol, I couldn’t tell ya

  4. Wish for Fish Says:

    what’s the question? obviously it’s opinion.

  5. hendogg Says:

    It just depends on the person.

    You will get different opinions from different people because everyone likes different things.

  6. Eric Says:

    it doesn’t make someone whos bad at oral amazing, but it is more pleasurable on someone who knows how to use it.

  7. KellahPanda Says:

    Some people like beer, and others despise it. This is a matter of opinion. The best way for your question to be answered is to find out yourself by experimentation!

  8. tongueflix Says:

    Yeah. For lots of men, oral sex doesn’t feel good enough unless your tongue is pierced.

  9. ? Says:

    I got my tounge pierced like a month ago and people are saying it is just for oral sex and it makes it better and that girls are sluts if they get it…but im not a slut and i am not like that so its all good..i just wanted it

  10. sd Says:

    Might be a turn-on for some, but I personally never felt the difference. It all depends by the person who gives the bj.

  11. christan21 Says:

    The only way to find out is to try.

    But seriously, I think I’ll love it.

  12. Sick Of It Says:

    My husband and I both have our tongues pierced. His doesn’t make a difference on me, and mine doesn’t make a difference on him. But those are only the opinions of two people. Many people say it makes a big difference. Some can’t tell the difference. You won’t know until you experience it.

  13. InLove&Engaged Says:

    ive heard its way better with a tongue piercing. when i got my tongue pierced i was in the middle of a relationship and my bf at the time said having the piercing instantly makes its better feeling.

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