Nape piercing?

I'm a somewhat modest person when it comes to piercings. I have a belly button ring and a stud in my nose. I've wanted a new piercing but wasn't sure what. I was thinking either a stud in my lip, inverse navel, or eyebrow piercing. I figured that the inverse navel would be too discreet, and the eyebrow and lip wouldn't be discreet enough. I always considered a nape piercing to be VERY unusual, kind of "weird," and actually kind of disgusting.. until I started seeing more of them. They've started to grow on me and I really like them now. The way I see it is that nobody will see it unless I want them to. I have long hair so it'd be covered at school or work or family functions (I have a very modest family), but if I wear my hair up or show people THEN it would be visible. So, that's pretty much my reasoning for wanting my nape pierced. What do you think of it? If you think I should go for it, could you also give me some information on the procedure and the safety of it? Thanks! Trish, thanks for your answer. I could be wrong, and I'm not sure, but I thought that a navel was a surface piercing also? I've had my navel for quite some time without the slightest problem, my best friend's rejected twice. I figured that since my navel was okay, so would ALL surface piercings. Do you think how well my navel has healed will reflect the healing process of a nape or not at all?

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  1. Trish Says:

    I think nape piercings are very pretty. BUT they are a surface piercing. What does a surface piercing do best? Reject.
    I used to have mine pierced, and I really miss it. It started rejecting after having it for about two years so I took it out before it got too bad. A rejecting piercing is very painful and very very ugly. I remember people always telling me how it was “infected” because it was extremely red, and me having to explain a million of times that no.. it’s not infected.. it’s just rejecting. No matter how well the piercer, or how well you care for it it more then likely will reject in time.

    If you want the nape piercing, I’d strongly advise against it. However, they have something like a more “permanent” piercing, which is called a Microdermal. Those only have like a 2% rejection rate, unlike the nape that has an extremely high rejection rate.

    Edit – Yes navel piercings are also considered surface piercings. For some reason those (and eyebrow piercings) are some of the ones that stay better then others (like nape, sternum, hips, etc). I think it’s because that area moves around tons less then where a nape piercing would be.
    But how well your navel piercing healed really has nothing to do with other surface piercings. I have two navel piercings. One rejected, and got it re-pierced months later. I have also had other surface piercings reject – the nape, sternum, and two eyebrows.

  2. Brittany Says:

    Surface piercings have MUCH more of a higher risk of rejection and migration than regular piercings do. And just because one surface piercing works out on you, doesn’t mean another will or won’t. It’s just about how it’s done, what jewelry is in it, and how your body reacts to the piercing.

    I’ve had my nape pierced for a little over a month. The piercer that did mine has clients that are 2-3 years down the road and still rockin’ their nape piercing. I know that it might not always be there. It might reject. That is just something that I knew going into the piercing. It’s something everyone with a surface piercing should be very aware of. Because surface piercings are quite expensive (I paid around $80 for mine…and got a good deal cause I’m friends with the guy) and they require more upkeep.

    Also, if you’re going to get it done, you’re pretty much going to have to wear your hair up for at least a month and not wear a necklace. The hair/necklace easily transfers more bacteria to the area and you don’t want that on a new piercing, especially surface.

    The procedure was really easy for me. My piercer had me sit (awkwardly) in the chair, he had me move my neck around in different ways to figure out the best placement for it and then we basically pierced it. And it didn’t really hurt at all….just putting the jewelry in was a bit uncomfortable. But it was 100% tolerable…almost less painful than my lobes.

    My advice? Research surface piercings A LOT. There are a lot of good websites out there. Also, go talk to piercers in your area. Ask them for information on surface piercings. Then see if you still want it. There are higher risks than regular piercings and they just have to be accepted going into it. But, I say put a lot of thought into it. I had been liking nape piercings since I was about 15 and waited until I was 19.

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