female genital piercing VCH or HCH help!!!?

i am gonna get a piercing down there for my 21st b-day but i cant decide between piercing the HCH (horizontal clitoral hood) or the VCH (vertical clitoral hood)... i really want the VCH but my clit hood is very small vertically so should i just get the HCH because id have a better chance of it not getting ripped out cuz it will have more skin...??? or would it still be possible to get the VCH??? well i have a high tolerance for pain i already have 6 other piercings and none hurt so far

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  1. jazmine ? Says:

    oh me oh my!
    woudnt that hurt really bad =[

  2. camille08 Says:

    Honestly I would say neither. You can get many infections that won’t be good and it’s very painful. just leave ur va ja ja alone.

  3. ghettogothgirl Says:

    the vch is better for stimulation.
    don’t worry about it ripping.
    i thought i had a high tolerance for pain, until i got my vch.
    it really did hurt.
    but only for a second!
    now its awesome!

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