What are some not so common piercings?

I already have my lip pierced but I want to get something else pierced, Something unusual. I don't like tongue piercings,nose,&eyebrows so yeah lol any ideas?

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  1. Alexapocalypes Says:

    hip piercings

  2. Jakes baby giglet Says:

    nasty piercings

  3. Love hurts Says:

    How about a corset piercing? i personally find it creepy but its different and unusual soo..yea :)

    i’ll get a picture hang on…
    you can have it on your back…

    or down your side

  4. Susannah Says:


  5. MeganMalicious Says:

    the ones between the eyebrows. ones in the center of the cheeks..uhm Stevo from JackA$$ got his butt cheeks pierced together. Nipples arent seen to often. and ive seen the elbows pierced before…yeah thats all i can think of uncommon piercings.

    Add me on myspace if you’d like :) [im not a sexual predator]

  6. minedamnit Says:

    Predictable answer, but I have a hood piercing, and I really like it. Something not so common and just for me and my bf.

    And it heals really quickly!

  7. ***no more juggin*** Says:

    my son told me he knew someone who wanted to get his thighs pierced…..

  8. zanzapan Says:

    I dont recommend surface percings such as the nape etc, as it can result in nasty scars if the percings are rejected :)

    Perhaps a cartilage piercing like the tragus?

  9. Allison H Says:

    i dont know what their called but the piercings that eyebrow piercings but close 2 the eye or cheek piercings are sweet

  10. Captain Oats Says:

    (these look cute if you have dimples)

  11. Shelbie Says:

    get your conch or rook.
    conch doesnt hurt.
    and i have my industrial and a orbital conch.
    industrial hurt though bc i got it done w/ a hugee gauge.
    go to google and look up under images, conch piecing
    or rook.

  12. This Is My PANIC. Says:

    surface piercings
    +wrist/wrist corset
    +corset/lower back corset
    +ear surface piercing(don’t know what its called) http://i110.photobucket.com/albums/n87/CandyKisses_RazorBlades/Foretragus.gif

    other weird piercings:
    +conch (*double conch looks cute too)

    or you can strech your ears to any size

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