Facial piercing ideas?

since i was 16, i wanted a facial piercing but my mother would not let me because she thought i was way to young. now im 18 yrs and i am maybe getting a facial piercing soon. I dont want the piercing because i wanna be scene or i want to look like everybody else. i just wanted one and i am just being my creative self. heres a pic of me and tell what you think what kind i should get (: http://i256.photobucket.com/albums/hh195/bubblyberry-shawty122/Photo100.jpg?t=1278276619 please no stupid and rude comments

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  1. RAWR Says:

    Lip piercing.
    I think a monroe would suit you nicely. = )

  2. Brandi Says:

    nose or snakebites or both

  3. Heidi Says:

    snake bites! if you dont know what they are google them.
    or nose ?

  4. PiperBear Says:

    i think you are really pretty and could get almost anything… but im thinking go for nose and you could pull off a ring. or you could get snake bites or pierce the side of your lip.

  5. psylockegurl Says:

    Because of the layout of your face, I would go for something to accent the most eye-drawing part of your face. You have a petite nose, laid back eyebrows, round cheeks, and a larger chin, so I would go for something below the nostril line. You have a small area to work with between your upper lip and your nostril ala’s, so I wouldn’t do a monroe. A labret piercing would emphasize your chin, and I think you should go for something that pulls attention to your proportionate lips, so I would do a lower lip piercing, preferably a fitted ring once the swelling goes down, and put it on the side you tend to face towards a picture when you take one. (We all have our “good side”)

  6. Karol Says:

    Sumthing like this. Your lips are prettier so it would look better on you than the person in the picture.


  7. Niamh Says:

    Honestly, any lip piercings would look great on you. I think 1 snake bite or a centred lab would look great.
    And a nose piercing, they would look nice on you too. Btw you don’t have to be 18 to get pierced.
    You can get them at 16.

  8. Hetharr Says:

    First of all your pretty!!

    And i say a nose or monroe because they are girly and would look really good on you.

  9. saammie? Says:

    cute picture! :)
    lip or monroe!!

    hope this helps. xox

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