What are the risks of oral sex after getting my lip pierced?

What are the risks of oral sex after getting my lip pierced? I just got my lip pierced 3 days ago. It's still healing. The piercer guy said I shouldn't kiss bah blah blah I ignored it. Anyways I ate my GF out tonight. We had sex and everything. But I'm just 16 so I'm wondering can I get any infection in my lip? -_-' Anyways we both got checked we got no STD or stupid **** like that. And about our age who gives a **** everyone has sex feels great.(; lol

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  1. xpatinasia Says:

    Kewl. A hoaxy post about a subject about which you have no knowledge. Grow up, laddie.

  2. BIG MOMMA Says:

    cussing every other word doesn’t make you cool.

  3. lstardrug Says:

    The worst that could happen is your piercing getting irritated from the movement which is why the guy probably told you not to touch it too much.
    If it’s irritated it would be red, but that gets better on it’s own.
    Just clean it properly and you’ll be fine.

  4. Jane Grace Says:

    it is hard to say.Having sex with a negative guy has nothing to do with getting some kind of STDs like herpes,HPV.

  5. Heyz Says:

    I think you better change old topic to new one is tongue sex.D

  6. i no nothinhg! Says:

    sorry but your lip is going to fall off. if you ignore peoples advice what do you expect! that’s why they are telling you not to do it.
    usually means someone out there has already done it and bad things have happened to them
    i-e your lip falling off. just make sure you got ice on stand by!

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