which piercing would go best with a nostril piercing?

so i already have my nose pierced and am thinking about adding another facial piercing! i like to alternate between a stud and a ring usually.i have had my septum, medusa, and lip pierced before. i know about pain/aftercare, those aren't really concerns. they all looked pretty good, the only problem i had was with the medusa (it got irritated and really swollen one day, apparently those are really sensitive because of the location) here's what i'm considering: monroe- pros: cute, i think it would suit my face, i think it would go with a nostril stud cons- leaves obvious scar, a bit common, wouldn't look as good w/ a nostril ring septum- pros: cute, can be hid easily, no obvious scars, could look cute w/ nose stud cons- might make my nose look too crowded? medusa- pros: cute, unusual, would go w/ nose piercing cons- obvious scar, easily irritated. here's a pic of me with my nose stud, you can't see it, but its there. not the greatest pic, but you get the idea.. http://i242.photobucket.com/albums/ff153/pasha1987/Photo279.jpg what do you think would look best on me? (if your not into piercings, this question doesn't really apply to you)

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  1. chewy Says:

    you have beautiful lips! i think you would look good with your eyebrow pierced :)

  2. huskersprint Says:

    Alright, I’m gonna speak freely here. I’m not trying to pick up on you, but, you are beautiful. I think a simple nose piercing is fine for you. Now, remember, I’m not trying to be a pest but, you have very thick lips, they are a smashing feature. With such thick, beautiful lips, the Monroe piercing would be drowned out, unless you got a huge stud to put in it. The septum would make you look like a steer. You have a cute, tiny nose that celebrities pay thousands of dollars to copy. If you put a septum ring in there, it would be overwhelming. I say stick with the nose ring, and maybe go for an eyebrow piercing, that would be super cute on you.

  3. rockstar_teddy Says:

    Out of those three, I think a you should go with a monroe or a medusa.
    For something different, a labret looks good with a nose piercing.

  4. Divine Oubliette Says:

    I think the septum would crowd your nose.

    Medusa I wouldn’t do because of the scarring issue and the fact that it is easily irritated.

    The Monroe would look cute on you but you would have to take excellent care of it so it wouldn’t get irritated.

    I think you would look good with an eyebrow piercing or maybe some tatted eyebrows. Like her’s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilB8DOVx6W0

    Good luck on whatever you decide and whatever you do – clean your piercings clean with salt water, it keeps bacteria and irritation away.


  5. sarah louise Says:

    I’ve had my nose pierced 4 times and each time I have had it with different piercings.
    I think nose piercings go with everything, monroes, lip, septum, medusa ETC.
    Monroes don’t really scar that bad, I have had 3 of them, 2 being completely healed and no noticeable scaring where as the other I have had for 3 years and played with it a lot causing the hole to stretch.
    Anything would suit you.


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