What kind of Facial Piercing do you think would suit my facial structure most?

I love piercings, for as long as I can remember. I've been planning on getting a facial piercing soon and I was just wondering what type of piercing would suit my facial structure most so I can start off with that piercing? Here's some pictures ( Please keep mean comments to yourself, I have problems with self-esteem as it is :] ) http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Dark_Soul_Girl/newbw.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Dark_Soul_Girl/059.jpg Thanks for your time. <3 Also, if possible, please add how much the particular piercing would cost and the dangers of having it if there are any. Yes, I know I have acne. Typical Teenager problems. ^-^ I take no offense to that. Please also try to add in exact types of piercings. Like Lip piercing- Snake bites. Thanks again. :]

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  1. lammy752 Says:

    I think a nose stud would look really good :)


  2. Smart Blonde Says:

    Nose piercing :D

  3. sospeakslow Says:

    You should get a nose stud, or a lip ring.

    The nose stud costs about $40-$50, I think.
    The lip ring costs around $50, I think.

  4. lagg Says:

    nose piercing!! :]
    answer mine?

  5. ...=] Says:

    Nose Stud Or A lip ring . :)
    usually about 30 and up

  6. Danielle Says:

    I would say a nose pirecing .
    It could cost about 30$ professionaly. but if you do it yourself probably 10-20, although that increases your risk of an infection, which could lead to a permanent scar.

  7. Corny ILU Says:

    Nose probably. Around $30 with little dangers.
    I wouldn’t go with lip, lebret, or monroe. It might draw attention to your acne (really, not being rude just something I would think about if I were thinking of getting something done).

  8. Jay Says:

    i say snake bites or nose thingy u looook hot btw lol

  9. whoa! Says:

    lip or eye brow. Neither are terribly expensive though both are rather painful. With a lip ring it would make eating a bit difficult for a few days but once it heals it will be fine and as for the eye brow piercing it will be sore to make dramatic facial expressions for about a week or so but after that you will hardly notice it. Either could get infected (like any other piercing) but the lip would be more likely to get an infection because of its location but if you clean it etc you should be fine. good Luck! hope i helped!

  10. dA NaNaz Says:

    i think a nose piercing would look good and also the spider bite piercings.i don’t know about the cost or dangers it sorta depends on where you go to get it done.

  11. Cassie O Says:

    Nose piercing

  12. Brea Says:

    hhmmm i think a nose pierce ;D

    i want to getone myself but im 12 n my mom wont let me

    n dey cost like 25 to 50 dollars i think.

  13. RAWRAWRAWR (: Says:

    nose. (:
    i have one, i don’t know of any dangers haha.
    and it hurts less than getting your ears pierced.
    and I had to pay 65$ but, it’s probably different
    where you live. (:

  14. Emily, Child of Adelphia Says:

    I think you’d look really cute with a septum.

  15. crazy_16 Says:

    nose stud

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