Facial piercing help? Advice on what would look best.?

Hi. So I asked a question about whether or not this girl I know is pretty, and I have another question about that girl. I know it sounds like it's me, but she's not! She's just a really close friend. Anyways, I was talking with her, and she really wants a facial piercing. She's been thinking about it for a long time and wants something done. She asked for my advice on what I think would look best on her, but I don't have much experience with piercings or anything, so I wanted to ask you guys. Here are pictures: http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb249/PookieDink007/?action=view&current=newhairupload10-12.jpg http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb249/PookieDink007/?action=view&current=1012upload1.jpg http://s208.photobucket.com/albums/bb249/PookieDink007/?action=view&current=sometimesemo.jpg So, what facial piercing would look best on her? Thanks!

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  1. flybackbreastfreeswimmer Says:

    Oh please don’t! Absolutely no offense but facial piercing is so unappealing. Please keep your face clean. If you must though, just get a small diamond stud on your nose. You can’t see that one too well and it doesn’t look that bad.

  2. Betch Says:

    side lip peircing.

  3. RD Says:

    She’s very pretty with a very delicate face. I’d therefore be wary of getting anything too big. If I were her I’d either get something small, such as a nostril stud, or if I wanted something “edgier”, I’d go for cheek piercings.

  4. [.:Lor:.] Says:

    Maybe a tastefully done bridge piercing. Just a small silver barbell :)

  5. Andrew S Says:

    wwith the last picture it looks like she would look nice with a monroe piercing

  6. Stephanie Says:

    I think facial piercings are bad and are so difficult to deal with and they can get infected and stuff. I honestly think she should not even bother. Two of my friends got eyebrow piercings and one of theirs got infected, and the other one had to take hers out because it got caught on something and almost ripped out completely. BUT, if she really wants a piercing I would say a small diamond stud one her nostril.

  7. Caitlin D Says:

    angel bites.

  8. kevin n Says:

    Her face looks like it would definately suit a medusa. It isn’t very common, and very feminine. A small bead would look great. Don’t go with something unoriginal like a lip or nostril piercing. Here’s a picture:


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