What is the best thing to clean an ear piercing with?

What is the best thing to clean my ear piercing with? The things that people tell me to use the most is alcohol, peroxide and some even said to use Spectro Gel. What should I use?

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  1. yoursweettart Says:


  2. slawkog Says:

    an alcohol swab.

  3. Nikki B Says:

    Boil some water then add some sea salt and let it cool till it is cold enough to clean the piercing =]


  4. ctowngrl :] Says:


  5. Abby Says:

    rubbing alcohol or the solution they gave you when you got them peirced if it was done professionally.

  6. . Says:

    No, don’t ever use peroxide to clean a ear piercing it might sound right but don’t because it can irritate your ear. So what you should use instead to clean your ear piercing would be dial soap it works well to kill germs, or natural mild soap works fine too, just don’t use peroxide, irritation might occur. =]

  7. CMB :) Says:

    Sea salt soaks. Everything else can irritate the piercing or can remove the GOOD bacteria that is used to help heal your piercing. Sea salt soaks are recommended for pretty much any piercing.

  8. djpoprox Says:

    Alcohol and peroxide are too harsh on the body and actually stop the healing process and cause an infection. the best thing to use is H2ocean spray or Bactine, sea salt is amazing at cleaning piercings.

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