what should i get pierced?

I already have my belly button pierced but I want another piercing, somewhere unusual but not my private parts. give me ideas!

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  1. raerae Says:

    lip or brow

  2. fatbaby Says:


  3. inu gurl Says:

    you could always try your lip or brow
    or you could try your tounge

  4. a girl Says:

    it really depends on your face shape and what you’re going for. there are plenty of interesting places on your ear you can get pierced (if you want it to be subtle) or you could get something on your face you haven’t seen many people with.
    a good website for browsing piercings is http://www.bmezine.com.

  5. JennaL Says:

    nose :)

  6. toyapooh03 Says:

    Havent seen alot of ppl piercing their noses lately

  7. sweetgapeach71301 Says:

    Tongue. It doesnt hurt at all. Just a little pinch when they put the clamp on then its all over with. I’ve had mine for 7 yrs. now.

  8. amberharris20022000 Says:


  9. Shirley Says:

    Piercing other than your ears for the purpose of wearing pierced earings, in my opinion is unsightly and unsexy, especially the tongue piercings. I suppose it’s the style now.
    Spend your money on a new wardrobe or hairdo, you will attract classy mates.
    Just my opinion.

  10. spoiledvirgo16 Says:

    You should pierce your neck that is really rare, well i have my done it doesnt hurt when they do it but does after wards like bad really, but after you get used to it its really kick a**

  11. MizZ C.RonAldo Says:

    your eyebrow? tongue? lips? nose? your nipples? ;) Cuz i know someone who has pierced his nipple! But ur a girl….!

  12. monkeysg0bananas Says:

    nose or ear

  13. bleacherbrat34 Says:

    make sure any facial piercing does not violate any dress codes at school or places of employment first.
    Most employers are NOT HIRING any body with any visible tats or piercings.
    I would say nose.

  14. anglebugcrazy Says:

    ur cartlidge?!?

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