Would I look good with a facial piercing? (pics)?

my 18th birthday is coming up in less than a month and I really wanted to get a piercing/tattoo to celebrate. I know which tattoo I am getting but I don't know what piercing I want. I already have 8 piercings ( I've retired over 6 of them (retired = let close up)) but I think I want a facial piercing. I would want either a nose piercing or a lip piercing. With my nose piercing I do not want a stud I want a ring (studs are too common rings are less seen(at least where I live.)) Lips are also common here too. I will be getting microderms later but for my 18th which piercing should I get? (I am also open to any other facial piercing suggestions you would think I would look decent with.) Thank you! http://bit.ly/bCcZnh http://bit.ly/9axZ11 http://bit.ly/c2lfxF

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  1. Jasmine Smith Says:

    Take a marker and put it on the spot you want it. Or glue a little diamond on, or take an earring. Anyways try out the look. But I think it would look good, but in the end its your opinion that matters in the end because you’ll be the one wearing it. I think a monroe would look best.

  2. Coco Says:

    plz plz plz don’t get a facial piercing or a tattoo!

    think about when u are a grandma and have a tattoo!! you’ll look so scary! and why the heck would you want to ruin ur pretty face with a facial piercing? when i see people with facial piercings, i find them trashy. just a little tough love, not trying to be mean! and u r pretty! don’t throw away ur natural beauty for facial piercings and tattoos!(:

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