Why do people assume your a whore if you have your tongue pierced?

Im married, and happily i might add... I am considering getting my tongue pierced. For the purpose of oral sex. im not even going to pretend its cause i think it looks cool. But im not slutty... im married. and its something that i love to do for him.. I want to know (in a guys opinion, or a girl who has one) Does the sensation it gives him outway the things people say and what they think about you? is it worth it?

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  1. Jeffrey Lexington Says:

    well whore UM yeah go ahead and get fired from your job !

  2. o Says:

    brb, throwing up.

  3. Emily Says:

    You ask why people assume “whore” when they see a tongue ring… and then mention the reason you’re getting one is fellatio. Coincidence? No.

  4. After I Die Says:

    They’re just stupid, if you want it then just go for it

  5. i_ate_sponge_bob Says:

    Wow @ the other responses…

    Although I hate to say this but people like you who only get their tongue pierced to enchance oral for the purpose of sex are the reason everyone thinks women with tongue piercings are whores.

    Yes it changes the feel of oral, however I would never say get a tongue piercing for that reason.

  6. Nichol Somerton Says:

    Never mind them, they’re ignorant.
    i think it’s a very nice piercing. it does NOT make you seem like a whore.
    i understand why you want it, & yes, its known to be quite pleasurable. BUT TRICKY.
    & if the people around are as ignorant as they are, you can get a barbell with a flat, button like top. so you don’t have a barbell in all the time.
    because it looks a little dirty when your sticking it out of your mouth, rolling it around your lips & playing with it all the time.
    i’m saying this in advanced, you will swallow many barbells.
    mine used to crack off when i ate unknowing.
    and the little balls? youll swallow twice as many as them. especially the plastic ones that can crack if they get screwed on too tight.
    but it’s a good idea, i’d go for. especially if your husbands all for it. who else are you trying to impress anyways? never mind them. ahah

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