surface piercing/tygon?

last week i went and had my sternum pierced. it seems fine, i still have soreness and it is a little red, but i don't think it is infected. however, being that it is a surface piercing, i am very worried about rejection. what i was wondering is what exactly is 'tygon', and shoud i replace my metal surface bar with a flexible tygon one?

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  1. Alexxxa! Says:

    Tygon is a brand name for a variety of flexible tubing.
    At this stage of any piercing I wouldn’t change the jewelry.
    As far as you changing to tygon i wouldn’t do that in general because you have yours done in a very sensitive place and tygon and all plastics make piercings more susceptible to infection, and in your case, rejection.

    If you do decide to change it later i would have a friend help as you could lose the piece of metal in your layers of skin.

  2. Fay DeathWray Says:

    changing at this stage aint a good idea…leve it for now but keep an eye on it and if you get seriously worried, then go back to yuor piercer. dont change it yourself though, no matter what. not till its healed

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