What is the Extreme Fear of Needles called?

So, I'm not scared of needles like sewing needles. I pierced my OWN ears. But I pass out, pee my pants, and throw up when I get blood work done or shots taken. I always have to stay an extra hour at the hospital before I can walk out. I had a 14 hour surgery when I was 6 and maybe that's why I am so afraid. I don't trust doctors with needles. I also have to watch when they stick it in. They say not to but I do anyway. And I cry and hyperventilate majorly. The pain isin't really what I'm scared of. I went to get my wisdom teeth pulled today and they refused to use a gas mask first. I warned them I can't handle it but they said that I'd be fine. They could not have been more wrong. I was hyperventilating and crying even though they gave me 20mg of Valium an hour before. I really wish I wasn't this way, but no matter how hard I try, I can't help it. What is this called?

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