First Facial Piercing- What to Get?

i think i'm gonna get something tomorrow. i'm 19, and will give you the rundown as short as possible: okay, so here's some angles, styles of ME:………… i'm wanting to chose between a septum style like this (where it's close to the nose or almost not visable):… a medusa (smaller ball or diamond like this):…… or a lip piercing, tiny and close to the lip whether ring or stud:…… pros of each: - they're all cute to me - the septum can be turned up and hidden, can't see if it were to scar - my lips ovelap a little, so if it were to scar, it wouldn't be BAM INYOFACE! cons: - i have sinus issues and need to blow my nose GOOD at least twice a day, don't know it that'll interfere with nose piercings - an upper lip scar can be pretty noticable...but i have acne scars on my face soo, idk if it'll be THAT big a deal - the whole gum receeding thing etc. w/oral piercings if they don't position it right (i'll ask for sure for the best positioning). - i'm not sure about lip piercings because i think my lips are too full and shouldn't have more attention drawn toward them. i'm taking scarring, and my future career of whatever sorts into consideration w/this one and only facial piercing. of course i'll be the final say-so, but some opinions would help! i just love piercings SORRY! i don't know why it didn't work- but no i don't want a nose piercing. too common and i don't want a scar so visab;e (i don't think) here's the REAL link (w/working links);_ylt=At5rbvnZnpA8a__K4NXMgZjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100809192653AAxtyXu please answer- thank you!!

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  1. joihujkldh (: Says:

    your links don’t worrrrrk.

  2. amanda v Says:

    i think you should get your nose pierced – it looks great on almost everyone & its not very painful. just make sure you get it done professionally to reduce the risk of infection. another less-painful piercing is the eyebrow.

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