Hip Piercings?! Do they hurt?

I want to get my hips pierced, extreme pain or not, I'll probably get them. Just wondering how bad.. or if they hurt at all??. I've pierced my, tongue web hand web lip 6 on each ear 0g stretches on ear rook belly button will it hurt more or less than any of these? my most painful was probably rook. ...notice I said "I've pierced" they're not in all at once at the moment, but I've had them all done.

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  1. animal lover Says:

    why would anybody want a hip piercing?

  2. Erica G Says:

    What the heck is a rook?

  3. popstar238 Says:

    okay, no offence but ew. why would you pierce your hip??? or any of that? you should take them out except for maybe a coupple because eventually some of your holes will get infected and it could get bad!! i know someone that actually happened to. you should def. take them out

  4. Savannah Says:

    One of my friends began looking into hip piercings a while back, and they sounded like quite a hassle, to be honest.
    They definitely look attractive, and from what I’ve read, the actual piercing process isn’t too painful. (I guess that all depends on your general pain tolerance, though.) However, I’ve read that they can pop out really easily, so if you’re particularly active or athletic, getting this piercing is probably not the best idea. After all, most surface piercings are only temporary due to the high rejection rate and increased chances of infection and irritation. So, if you decide to get this piercing, I suggest you try very hard to minimize the amount of movement placed on the pierced area, and clean it often.

    You should definitely look further into this before you decide to get the piercings, especially considering the insane rejection rate.

    Here’s a page on surface piercings…

    …And here’s some information regarding hip piercings in general:

    Hope this helps.
    Good luck! :D D

  5. Martian Says:

    Right on. I think hip piercings look fantastic when taken care of. They will be a pain to heal but you sound like you have piercing experience and are ready for it. I have my nape done and I can tell you that it hurt but that it was not unbearable. It was more of an interesting feeling mixed with the jeeze there is a large needle going through my skin right now. Compared to your other piercings I think it will hurt a little more but you’ll be able to handle it. Good luck!

  6. chicco.birillo Says:

    People who has them done say that they hurt little more than belly button, i say for surface piercings, microdermals hurts a lot.

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