Getting my upper ear pierced somewhere like Claire’s?

So I don't want to get my cartilage pierced at Claire's because I don't trust them, I've heard 9 times out of 10 that they get infected. I got my ears pierced at this the House of Freaks, but its a little to extreme for me (as you might guess with the name) I live in Los Angeles, so if you know of any piercing places here that aren't really crazy/extreme tattoo places that would be really helpful! Thank you! Laura

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  1. BRITTNEY Says:

    Well I got my ear’s pierced at Claire’s for my 1st and second hole and my ear didn’t get infected. Maybe the ppl that told you that didn’t clean their ears like they should have,

  2. Brittany Says:

    I don’t know of an LA piercers but has a link where you can locate APP certified piercers…they’re always very reputable and good at piercing and there’s no doubt that LA will have quite a few. Check the list for them and visit them and find the place you like the best. Kudos for not getting it pierced with a piercing gun.

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