i got my monroe pierced in june of 2009, so it has been well over a year since i got it. never had problems with it, never got infected, etc. only thing i hate (and didn't think twice about at the time it was pierced): my piercer pierced me at 18g. first of all, 18g is terrible for oral piercings due to how easily they could rip out, and second of all, i hate the look of such a tiny gauge. i LOVE the look of 14g labret posts. so, i plan to stretch the piercing. i've stretched my ears up to 3/4" no problem over the last two years (first using tapers, later using the taping method), but how exactly would i go about stretching a monroe piercing? do i have to use a taper for such a tiny stretch? is it possible to just lube up the 14g jewellery and carefully shove it in? should i do this with a 16g post first? (considering when i made my first ever ear stretch, my piercer tapered me straight from 18g to 10g in one shot with so pain/issues). edit: i've had every piercing done at Adrenaline in Toronto. they are professional, and are one of the top/most popular piercing/tattoo parlours in Toronto. furthermore, i've been informed multiple times that when it comes to lobe stretching, skipping sizes above 10g isn't such a big deal unless you're extremely sensitive/your skin elasticity is meak.

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  1. Jessika Says:

    You don’t need a taper but please with oral piercings, don’t skip gauges. The tissue rips very easily so go to a 16G wait 1 or 2 months, then go up to a 14G. And please don’t “shove it in” Slid it in easily if it doesn’t want to go don’t force it! And please start with sea salt soaks as if it was a new piercing again after gauging up

    Good luck!

  2. ? Says:

    A taper would make it easier to stretch, and also it will irritate your piercing less. Firs you should get a 16g taper, and slowly put it through your lip from the inside. If you feel any pain, then don’t follow through. Once the taper is in, push the taper out with your 16g jewelry from the inside, assuming you have a labret stud. After you have the 16g jewelry in for about 1 or 2 months, get a 14g taper and repeat the process.

    Also, your piercer who stretched your ear from 18g straight to 10g must not be a professional. No professional would even consider skipping sizes when it came to stretching your ears. Stretching should cause you no pain at all, no bleeding, or bruising. It should only feel a little bit uncomfortable.

    Good luck (: xx

    I guess everyone has different perspectives on what is and isn’t safe when it comes to stretching. I shouldn’t of said they weren’t professionals before I knew who they were :P But still you should start at 16g for a month then put a 14g taper through followed by the jewelry because you don’t want to risk damaging your lip. I guess its really your decision though, if you think that your skin isn’t too sensative and that you can put the 14g stud in right away, go for it! (:

  3. Lava Says:

    Don’t skip. If you’ve been fine this long with something 18g in it, you’ll be fine for a month with 16g. You may not need a taper, but don’t shove it in if 16g won’t slide in. And buying a 14g taper is a good idea.

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