please help me!?

I don't know whats wrong with me here are my symptoms i know you can't diagnose me properly but can you give me an idea of what might be wrong thanks ......... Depression suicide thoughts extreme attention seeking extreme jelously changing my perosnality (one day i am very mature, sensible, calm etc. and other days im a total rebel, very naughty and out of control) Make extreme quick decisions (go get things pierced, extreme money spending etc.) Constantly worried what people think of me Along with the depression i also get "hyper" days that last about a week which come after about 2-3 weeks of depression thanks x oh and constantly changing my goals in life oh and constantly changing my goals in life

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  1. Msthoro K Says:

    it sounds like you have bi polar disorder

  2. hypnoticjoker Says:

    Sounds like you are bipolar, see a therapist.

  3. aPPiTaMYoFsExY Says:

    sounds like ur bi-polar to me..deff should seek some treatment. wish u the best !!!

  4. xxjaybabyxx Says:

    i fink ur depressed an mayb cud hav ADHD… sum of dese feelins r al part of growin up…

  5. Cuneyt Y Says:

    see a doctor now??

  6. Dave D Says:

    First and Foremost, go see a doctor!
    The doctor can refer you to the proper professional for evaluating your condition.

    From what you have listed, you sound a lot like my wife.
    She was diagnosed as Bi-Polar, but much of her condition stepped outside the lines of “normal” bi-polar diagnosis.

    After years of “guessing” and “self diagnosis”, she listened and seeked professional help, and today, she is doing quite well with medication and therapy.

    Only a professional can give good advice on this one.

  7. Alli Says:

    you sound like me!!!haha we would get along great

    um idk i guess you just have deferrent personalities

    is it who your around or just day to day changes

    like for me ill go off on someone and like cuss em out

    then the next second im so happy and i feel so special

    then like ten minutes later ill be all like sneakin out of the house with my friend(i havnt got caught yet =P)

    but still i think its just that you havnt found yourself

    at least thats how i feel

  8. pegz64 Says:

    You should see your Dr and he might give you a prescription of anti depression pills

  9. Kyasarin Says:

    Borderline personality disorder.

  10. bchaller001 Says:

    sounds like bipolar disorder go see a doc

  11. Nebulass Says:

    it sounds like you have bipolar disorder.

  12. dennis_emotional Says:

    been there done that… if you’re just a teener then it’s natural.. you know what?? ENJOY IT.. try to experiment about your emotions… it helps to discover what really you are..

    but.. try not to take suicidal thoughts seriously.. regrets are always in the end…

    its ok to think about those things it happens to everybody and not just you…

    are you having a problem about your family, relationships, friends, enemy?

    sometimes your mind make little things big.. its dangerous but trust me you will benefit..

    read c.g jung books about psychology its a good book… perfect for you.

  13. Harley Says:

    I was a psychology major in college. Its sound like borderline personality disorder witch is very common in young women in the US. I suggest making a some what strict schedule or routine for yourself and sticking with it. Plus you may want to look into seeing a counselor. Hang in there and good luck.

  14. WhizKid Says:

    If you have 5 of the 9 below for over 2 weeks, it could be depression.

    1. Depressed mood
    2. Loss of interest in usual activities
    3. Loss of appetite
    4. Insomnia
    5. Psychomotor retardation (slow thought or movement)
    6.Loss of energy
    7. Feelings of worthlessness and guilt
    8. Diminished ability to think and poor concentration
    9. Suicidal thought or action

    See site below for natural help.

  15. wowsantosh Says:

    After reading your questions I will say that you are mature enough to understand things that are good for you. So, to see the world changing according to you, you need to change yourself according to world.

    No one in this world is painless. Just the areas of pain are different or maybe the way of handling the painful situation is different. Now the question arise: Why do hopeless people waste their time when they feel hopeless? Well, everything feels hopeless so they think there doesn’t seem to be a point to anything… They think if everything feels pointless then why try? For normal people this is just laziness but for people with depression it is a Mental Illness, not just being lazy…There is a huge difference.

    I will request you to change the way you think. You are so kind. All you need to understand that you are the “BEST”. Let what you want, come to you rather than spending your time to find it. Management says “Deserve then Desire”. So, stand and work on whatever I said. Think of yourself as the “Best” first. Later, work hard to prove yourself as the “Best. And I bet no one can take the prize away from you. Our true hope is not here, but in the hereafter. Yes, we might “hope” that we’ll get a raise next week, but we don’t stake our life or sanity on it. Our real hope, the confidence we can have for the future, looks far beyond next week or even next year—it looks throughout life.

    And the best way to look it is by believing in you and believing in God. Because, it is a blessing, even in this life, to be humble, considerate, gracious, and grateful. The way of God gives tremendous peace of mind; it is an effective antidote to anxiety, as much as we can put it into practice (sometimes we aren’t very good at it). But we have confidence in knowing that the believing in God puts us on the right track.

    I sound spiritual while writing all these stuffs. But, the fact is that even management talks about these things. “The Spirit of God “helps us in our present limitations”. When we are in a hopeless circumstance, the Holy Spirit comes and renews our hope. When we do not know how or for what to pray, He intercedes according to the will of God because there are no hopeless and helpless circumstances.

    I wish you best of luck for your future.

  16. Stephen C Says:

    not to be rude but you set yourself up for that. you got jealous so you made a quick decision, thats when you got spent money to get piercings, then you thought about what people thouht about you afterwards. everyone wants attention and every has thought about killing themselves just dont do it. also everyone changes their goals. ive changed mined 6 times already. and alot of people get hyper from the foods they eat. you probably got depressed when you thought people were looking at you diffrent because of your piercings. so next time think clearly before you do something. and think about the outcome.

  17. Jaina Says:

    YOU SOUND LIKE ME. And, I am bipolar. Untreated bipolar for that matter. I tried all their drugs, and they did nothing but zone me out. I couldnt work, or function.Even talk on the phone.I was worse off then before. I do take lorazepam here and there, but I am a functioning mother of 2 teenagers. When I hit my lows, like it sounds like you are now. I work. Do something. Be proud of yourself. It doesnt have to be a paying job. Do some yardwork, clean house. Definitly stay away from people who stress you out. FAMILY was the biggest trigger of the bad things that happends. So the family that stresses me out, I made go away. If you wanna talk, email me., take care jaina

    ps..believe it or not, life gets better..dont stress

  18. Shan Says:

    My best guess is rapid cycling bipolar disorder. See bipolar disorder, at ezy build, below, in section 10, and take the quiz, if unsure, and if the results are positive, ensure you get an expert diagnosis from a mental health professional, not doctors, who are much better dealing with physical ailments, and don’t diagnose complex disorders like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and borderline personality disorder often enough to develop any real expertise.

    Bipolar disorder usually involves major mood swings, which occur without apparent cause, and often over many months, or a matter of years, rather than days, as with most people (unless rapid cycling). I’d take 4 Omega 3 fish oil supplements daily, replacing 2 of them with cod liver oil supplements in the winter months, (or, as probably a better alternative to the 2 cod liver oil supplements: 1 teaspoonful of cod liver oil, with a little butter, to ensure its use; I take mine on sourdough rye bread, or toast, covered with fishpaste, and pepper, to mask the strong taste). Those people who receive adequate exposure to sunlight, daily, won’t need the vitamin D from cod liver oil, but many people, particularly those in latitudes far from the equator, find this difficult, to achieve.

    If you decide to use allopathy, (modern Western medicine) I recommend trying Lithium Carbonate, or Lithium Citrate. (regular tests are necessary, for these) before trying the other mood stabilisers, but if you aren’t good at taking medications regularly, drinking adequate water, and keeping up your salt intake, something else, such as Depakote, or Lamictal, may suit you better. Check out “lithium” at, and and always research medications first, (read, and keep the labels/information sheets) so you will be aware of the risks, and on the lookout for side effects. (Personally, if I wasn’t bipolar type 1, and didn’t experience hallucinations, or serious delusional states, I know I’d first try the orthomolecular, and Omega 3 fish oil supplements, vitamins, minerals; a herbal remedy, and a mostly raw food diet, for several months. I’d aso eat in accordance with my “nutritional type”. Enter that term in the searchbar at

    If not considerably improved, after several months, consult your primary mental health care provider: you may be one of those who need medications to prevent this progressive illness from getting even worse. If bipolar type 1, an antipsychotic medication may also be needed. Everyone should take the Omega 3 supplements, or preferably “krill oil” for its other health benefits: use the searchbar at . Some people refuse medication, using supplements, and a selective, mostly raw food diet (I do not recommended trying this, if bipolar 1, unless you aren’t troubled by hallucinations, or delusional states).

    Maintain the treatments for the depressive phase, in section 2, at: Some topics in section 10 include: treating bipolar disorder with supplements, vitamins, minerals, and herbal remedies. As with all medications, there are risks, and the possibility of side effects, which is why I inform people of the alternatives, to see if they can cope sufficiently well, without resorting to medications. Don’t use medications and supplements together, without medical advice, except for Omega 3, which is safe, anytime. It is not unknown for those discontinuing medication, and trying the alternative treatments, (which are not quick to work) to lose their jobs, because of unacceptable behavio(u)r, so I’d start 1 week before vacation, and closely monitor the situation, and use medical advice. Note: St. John’s wort, as with antidepressants, may cause mania, or hypomania, in people with bipolar disorder.

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