How do you heal an ear piercing onced its stretched?

My sister accidently stretched out her ear piercing by wearing really heavy ear rings and I was wondering, is there any way for her to heal her ear piercing without having to let it close up and getting her ears pierced again?

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  1. jessica Says:

    i don’t think there is a way to heal a stretched out ear, it might start to close on its own up to the earring, but don’t let it close all the way

  2. Taylor Says:

    i dont know im really sorry i want to help but i dont have my ears pierced

  3. Kit Says:

    Those kinds of “holes” never close. They’re always pretty easy to just pop an earing into because they’re so big…well not “big” really but long lol!
    Anyway, the only way to “fix” that is to do what my girlfriend did (she wound up with really long holes also from wearing very heavy bangles and hoops for like…years) and go to your doctor so he can put a stitch in.
    She had 1 stitch put on one earlobe and the other required 2 stitches.
    Weird thing is…the holes still look very long (vertical slits almost right to the very bottom of her earlobes) but when she puts an earing in now the hook or the post doesn’t slip to the bottom anymore. It stays at the top of the slit.
    Looks a little better at least.

  4. Tammy K Says:

    The time required for a piercing hole to close varies greatly from peron to person. In your sister’s case, it will also depend on how long her ears have been pierced and how much they got stretched. She should wear only light weight stud earrings for a week or two and see if her holes are starting to return to their original size. If she still has her original piercing studs, have a jeweler file the sharp points off of them, then wear them like regular stud earrings so her holes will return to their original size.

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