What’s worse (in pain) earlobe piercings or beestings?

Please answer truthfully! Are earlobe piercings (one on each earlobe) worse than bee stings? What would you compare the pain of an earlobe piercing (with an instrument/gun) with? Something common please (the comparative pain). Please help! Is it worse than a blood test because it is a thicker needle/earring post? How much worse than an injection/needle at the doctors in the upper arm? What is the pain of an earlobe piercing on a scale (from one to ten...one being minor discomfort and ten being extreme unbearable pain)? I am in my mid teens...have wanted them pierced since I was young but was too afraid! I am fine with needles and bloodtests (they don't hurt me, on a scale probably a one for me...should I be worried about the earlobe piercings?

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  1. Connie G Says:

    BEESTING for sure. Ear heals quickly and is very minimal in pain. Bee talks to you for a day or so.

  2. firerookie Says:

    Breathe!!!! lol
    A bee sting involves poison/venom. It hurts worse. An earlobe piercing feels like a shot.

  3. kalua Says:

    beesting is worst

  4. DeeDee Says:

    a Bee Sting DEFINATELY .. omg its the worst and the swelling .. the throbbing pain

    getting your earlobes pierced is a minor pinch and shouldnt hurt because its quick and over before you know it.

    Get it done professionally and if they use the piercing wand, its like a quick prick to the skin.

    You’ll be fine.

    1 – 10 (10 being the worst) id say its a 2

  5. mrz982000 Says:

    A bee sting is more painful. I’ve had one ,and they aren’t much fun. The pain of a bee sting would last longer as well.

  6. vamsy Says:

    No probs, u can get earlobe having ur ear under partial ansthesia.

  7. lawrencevictoria2000 Says:

    Honestly I think a bee sting is more painful. When I pierced my ears it hurt initially ,then felt hot ,then it went away after a couple of hours.I don’t know what to compare a earlobe piercing to .I hate needles so to me a earlobe piercing is easier to handle as you don’t see it happening imo.

    I wouldn’t worry about it ,it’s quick and over with really fast.

  8. retro_shine Says:

    You’ll be fine. The scary bit is the sound of the gun they use but id rather have my ears peirced than get a blood test. The worse is a couple of mins after theyre done coz they burn a lil. Its nothing compared to a bee sting and its over in a second.

  9. chiara Says:

    Beestings by far the worst. They last long too.

    Now, earlobe piercing you can ask for a numbing cream.
    Dont pierce them if you are scared. You can get lots of nice earrings that are screw on or clip on.

    I guess Id give it a 7 on a scale from 1 to 10. Its quick. Not much worse than a shot, just faster. Thats why its called piercing.
    I bet a belly ring hurts way more…!

    If you are set on doing it..dont worry about it. Its really quick and you can also ask for that numbing stuff..

  10. Shadow_Dancer Says:

    Bee stings are much worse that getting your ears done with a gun. The bee sting hurts for ages, but your ears don’t hurt for long. But you have to follow the proper cleaning procedure for your ears or they can get badly infected and that can hurt a lot and you might have to let the holes close and then have them done again. That is apparently worse than having them done the first time because of scare tissue.

    Bee sting 8/10
    Ear piercing 2/10

    Go for it, there are just so many cool earings for pierced ears out there!

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