my first facial piercing-what to get with my circumstances?

i think i'm gonna get something tomorrow. i'm 19, and will give you the rundown as short as possible: okay, so here's some angles, styles of ME: i'm wanting to chose between a septum style like this (where it's close to the nose or almost not visable): a medusa (smaller ball or diamond like this): or a lip piercing, tiny and close to the lip whether ring or stud: pros of each: - they're all cute to me - the septum can be turned up and hidden, can't see if it were to scar - my lips ovelap a little, so if it were to scar, it wouldn't be BAM INYOFACE! cons: - i have sinus issues and need to blow my nose GOOD at least twice a day, don't know it that'll interfere with nose piercings - an upper lip scar can be pretty noticable...but i have acne scars on my face soo, idk if it'll be THAT big a deal - the whole gum receeding thing etc. w/oral piercings if they don't position it right (i'll ask for sure for the best positioning). - i'm not sure about lip piercings because i think my lips are too full and shouldn't have more attention drawn toward them. i'm taking scarring, and my future career of whatever sorts into consideration w/this one and only facial piercing. of course i'll be the final say-so, but some opinions would help! i just love piercings

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  1. Kaylie Zin Says:

    I personally think that you would look really cute with the medusa and snakebites.
    But then again, you have a really cute nose for a septum piercing.

  2. Lela Says:

    I think the lip piercing would look the cutest on you. Madusa is my second choice.

  3. IndiqoMarie . (: Says:

    i really think you’d look cute with a lip piercing , coming from another person with full lips , i think you should show them off .

  4. Hillary Says:

    I am not a fan of septum piercings, I think you’d look good with a medusa, or a lowbret piercing.. (:

  5. that girlll Says:

    i think you have a lot of natural beauty, no homo lol. but if you like have to get a facial piercing i think you should get the monroe :)

  6. andijxo Says:

    Your lips are in no way too full .. there are women that pay small fortunes to have what God was kind enough to give you naturally. Every time you see someone with botox swollen lips (and they do stand out – smile and wave … a snarky wink would be okay too I think.) lol

    Gum receding can be avoided if you use rings. (I’ve had my lips pierced for 3 years and no problem with my gums at all.)

    My nose is pierced … side not septum. While septum is not my favorite piercing, the style you have chosen is really cute and it’s pros are huge. (ability to hide it and no worry about a possible scar.) I live in a house with 2 cats and a very large and furry dog that I am allergic to, I have not had any problems blowing my nose. (and trust me I expected issues.)

    You are very cute so anything you choose is going to look good. Just make sure you go to an experienced piercer … don’t ask them (they will lie in a heart beat.) do some research, ask friends or even strangers that have a piercing you like who did their work. If you live in the Cleveland area I can hook you up with an awesome piercer.

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