questions about surface piercing on navel…?

I got an anti navel piercing today and didn't know that it was a surface piercing until i'd paid and was sitting in the chair, I thought that there was a difference between just a navel piercing at the bottom of your belly button and an actual surface navel piercing. anyway, now i'm freaking out because 1) I wanted it for my holiday in july which is like 5 months away so I don't want it to reject before then 2) I don't want to be left with a huge scar, especially not on my stomach! soo I wanted to know a) if it rejects how long will it take (averagely) b) how will I know if/when it's starting to reject, and the difference between this and just average redness when a piercing is healing and c) the piercer used a curved bar not a staple bar, is that bad? oh, and one more thing, if it starts to reject is it best to wait until your body rejects it out or take it out asap yourself, or go to your piercer and get them to take it out?

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  1. Brooke Says:

    It will be fine. My friend has had her anti navel done for years.. If it starts to reject it will hurt, and leave a scar from the top to the bottom of the piercing. An using a curved barbell is fine, since it’s on your belly and that moves around a lot.

  2. Emily Says:

    my friend got hers done last year, in August. She was all excited until like you, she found out it was a surface piercing. The piercer told her right away though that surfact piercings aren’t always meant to be longterm and could eventually reject.. her’s did. It took about 2 months. She cleaned it daily, did everything but it just started to get reallly bad. Now she has a HUGE scar, and it’s really gross. It’s bumpy too lol =/

    but that’s not to say it happens to everyone. talk to your piercer :D

  3. crazzy_nascar_chick Says:

    No one can say for sure how long it will take; it’s completely dependent on your body. As long as you remove the piercings as soon as you notice the first signs of rejection, you shouldn’t have much of a scar, no more so than if you’d just got tired of the piercing and took it out. Most people end up with horrendous scars with surface piercings because they try and hang onto the piercing after it’s begun rejection.

    Your piercer should have told you the risk before s/he pierced you; otherwise it’s just unethical. And unless you’re talking about a navel piercing in which the “lip” of your navel was pierced (top or bottom) your piercer most definitely should have put a surface bar in; the staple shaped bar. Your piercer sounds like s/he’s not keeping up with industry innovations and has some questionable business practices. For your next piercing, I recommend you find a new piercer.

    But just so you know, because I’m not terribly sure you understand this and I think all girl who are into piercings should know, all navel piercings are surface piercings. Even “regular” navel piercings have a very high rejection rate. That’s not to say that no one will heal them, obviously some people do.

  4. Sooks Says:

    All navel piercings are surface, even the standard one on top. Just take care of it. Clean it twice a day with anti-bacterial soap, and I recommend Satin since it isn’t as harsh a some other brands. Also, do a sea salt soak once a day. Mix non-iodized sea salt in hot water until it tastes like tears and soak the piercing for ten minutes. You can use a cotton ball, or what’s better in my opinion, tip the glass on your stomach. You’ll have to lean over the glass and hold it to you to create a suction and then lean back. I like that better since the cotton ball loses heat quick, and there’s not as much pressure on the piercing. Just wash the piercing after that with cold water. Wash your towels and bedding often and wear loose shirts for no more than one day. Bacteria and dead cells really collect on those and you don’t want that getting into your piercing. Don’t clean it with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Those chemicals will kill the cells trying to heal your piercing, and it prolong the healing period.

    Try not to knock it or sleep on it especially, accidents happen but try your best not to let it happen. Migration and rejection happen most because of that. You’ll know that’s rejecting or migrating if the piercing feels constantly sore or sensitive, if the hole seems bigger and the jewelry seems to hang more loosely and you’ll really know that it’s rejecting when you can start to see the bar through your skin. You can’t stop a piercing from migrating or rejecting, but if it looks like it’s about to reject, take out the jewelry so you won’t have as bad of a scar. Be sure to clean the piercing until the hole has healed up, it’s an open wound, and you have to take care of it.

    I’m not sure on whether or not the curved bar would be better or not, but I can see why he would use that. The more skin the jewelry has to anchor on, the less likely it is to reject or migrate, and I suppose having that curve allows more skin and tissue to act as a sort of buffer. Again, not completely sure on that.

    By the way, if you plan on going into the water while you’re on holiday, don’t recommend it if the piercing hasn’t completely healed up and it could take about six months to a year to fully heal. If you do though, be sure to clean the piercing as soon as you get out of the water. Doesn’t matter if it’s the ocean or a public pool (although the pool is much worse), there’s tons of bacteria in the water and you could get an infection. The chlorine in the pools though can really be bad on the piercing, and the urine… ew. I hate pools.

  5. Gell Says:

    if your body rejects it then take it out immediately, if it leaves a scar then use ointments for your scar, it wont be a bad scar, so if you use somthing on it then it will be barely noticable

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