Was This Caused By Unsanitary Conditions When I Got My Piercing?

So I got my belly button pierced 2 weeks ago. It's already gone sadly :( but a week after I had it pierced the inside of my belly button was all red and swollen and clear puss stuff was coming out of my skin. The piercing actually looked ok but the inside of my belly button was painful and gross. I went to the doctor they removed my piercing right away and took cultures. I was put on a topical and oral antibiotic. Well I got a call from the doctor today and I had a staph infection and a strep infection from the piercing. I kept the piercing clean and did everything recomended after having it pierced so was this caused by the piercer using dirty or unsanitary tools? Can I call the tattoo shop and complain?

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  1. Groundskeeper Willy Says:

    Any time the skin is pierced the chance of infection exists. this included piercing and tattoos.

    unhygienic studios can be a problem. I would not go to the studio and would report your infection to the health department in your city so they can investigate practices at the studio. Telling the studio yourself will not change how they do things.

    Getting an infection in the pubic or abdominal areas can be very serious, an staph infection is generally a sign of uncleanliness as is strep, regardless of after care the injection was likely as the result of the procedure itself.

    the idea or marking yourself behooves me. it’s not attractive.

  2. onlymatch4u Says:

    You can call the shop and complain, but it won’t do you any good unless you can prove the infection came from them. To do that is not easy. So many people get piercings and don’t realize the problems associated with them. These are injuries to the body and create interference fields that block normal energy flows in the body. Tattoos, piercings, surgeries, trauma, scars, etc., all contribute to this problem.

    When you get an infection from these things, it makes the problem even worse. Now you have to deal with things like staph and strep that usually require an antibiotic. The antibiotic destroys 3/4 of your immune system, turns off the “T” cells and allows viruses and cancer to thrive in the body. There is nothing good or noble about getting a piercing. It is simply a very bad idea.

    good luck to you

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