genital and labret piercing?

i was thinking about get a verticle hood vagina piercing(if i am not designed for it i was thinking of getting a horizontal or triangle..and a labret (chin) piercing.....this is what i want like this but id probly want it a lil lower uh the genitial piercing i want is at now my questions are...what do guys think of these piercings are they hot..slutty..unattractive how much pain is involved..should i get them...i read that the labret cld mess up your teeth well i have braces this is like 2-3years..i dnt wanna go through all this just to get braces again =p...anyone have these peircings?..bad or good experience?...i got my belly button piercing and my skin raised and turned skin grew over the piercing...i dnt want same thing to happen... um thats it... okay now with the belly button piercing i have if it being rejected should i not keep it in..or will it heal eventually?..nasty gunk still comes out of the piercing..its not an infection b/c its not yellow or green i kno that much and i was going to wait till after my braces to get the labret i was just wondering how often do they mess teeth up?..i dnt wanna get braces when i just got them off

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  1. duh Says:

    i dont think lip piercings are a good idea with braces, but if you can find someone that will pierce you with bioflex, that would be you best bet. but i would recommend waiting.
    hood piercings are for you. it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks. the only people tht will see it are gonna be guys that, when in that area, aren’t gonna give a crap about anything other than being down there. know what i mean?
    triangles are great, but good luck finding someone that can do that piercing. email elayne angel at rings of desire and see if she can help you find someone to do a triangle. she invented them, so she might know.

  2. crazzy_nascar_chick Says:

    I think they’re both fine….I’m not a big fan of labrets, but meh.

    Personally I don’t see how any piercing could be “slutty” as piercings aren’t indicative of sexual behavior.

    As long as you have jewelry fitted properly, it shouldn’t mess up yout teeth.

    Your navel ring rejected, that’s pretty common with them, it’s very uncommon in a lip or hood piercing so you’re probably fine.

    Oh, and just so you know you must be 18 for a genital piercing, Idk how old you are.

    Happy piercing.

    EDIT: If your navel piercing is rejecting you need to take it out, or the scarring will be worse. It’s going to come out anyway.

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