My mom and convincing her that I want my ears pierced again?

When I was 5 years old, I got my ears pierced for the first time. When I was 11 years old, I got them pierced for the second time. When I was 13, I found the hole the piercing lady screwed up when I was 11, and put an earring in it, but soon after took it out because my mom didn't like it. Since then, the hole has closed up. I'm 14 now, and school is about to start. All I've been wanting since I was 13 is to get my ears pierced one more time-and then that's it, never again. Whenever my ears were pierced, I always cared properly for them and they were only infected once and then not again. My mom got her ears pierced again when she was around my age (either 14 or 15, I'm not sure). I kind of want to ask her if I can get my ear pierced again- just on one ear, not even both, but I'm afraid of what she'll say. I've done all my summer homework and my room is clean. If I ask and she says no, would it be appropriate to ask to have my ear pierced as a Christmas gift? (especially after showing extreme maturity during the school year) Once in a blue moon, I'll wear two sets of earrings in my ears, but rarely ever does it happen so people usually think I only have one. How do I convince her? Insight at all? I want either really high on my ear lobe or my cartilage pierced and I'm afraid to do it myself when I do something like that myself it's a long slow process and that incorporates even more pain..

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  1. Andrew H Says:

    earrings sucks

  2. Franchesca Herbison Says:

    just do it yourself haha

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