Eyebrow pierce?

I know I asked this question before.. but I didn't add all the details that I wanted to, and I was sure noone would answer as it was old. Anyway, My mom said I could get an eyebrow piercing for my birthday. On a scale of 1-10, how much does it hurt? (List will be below): 1- almost nothing, a slight pinch but less then your ear lobes being pierced 2- a little sting and a pinch, not much, though. 3- a sting, pinch and some pressure, not too extreme 4- sting, pinch, and pressure, a few notches above ear piercing 5- a sharp sting and pressure, soreness afterwards but comfortably bearable 6- A painful sting and some pretty strong pressure, 7-A very sharp sting and pinching, alot of pressure 8-A fair bit of pressure and pain, sore afterwards and tears brink at the back of your eyes 9-A very painful sting, and a huge amount of pressure, nearly unbearable, and tears begin to welt up in your eyes. 10- A really painful sting, throbbing in the area, so much pressure, a huge picnhing pain and y * you bawl your eyes out, it is truly unbearable

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  1. willhemina31 Says:

    It barely hurts. It is going through soft skin and it is done so quickly. You will get a little rush of adrenaline before it is done and won’t feel much at all.

  2. Hanna_420 Says:

    ive never had my eyebrow pierced but i have my bellybutton and 5 in each ear and some hurt and some didnt.. i think it depends on how much pain you can endure and how they do the piercing

  3. Ana Says:

    I’m not gonna put a number to it…because it is defferent for everyone….one person will think it is a 1 and someone else will think its a 10. All I am gonna say to you is that you will most definitely feel the needle go in…but it is quick and you will get over it…..its best is u stay calm and still…it will hurt more to clean it and rotate it every day than it will to get it pierced or if u accidentally bump or hit it somewhere…bottom line…dont fuck with it too much and remain calm when u get it pierced and u will be ok.

  4. aliaysleigh@sbcglobal.net Says:

    It’s a 5.

  5. LFG for bar Says:

    Okay. You cannot ask this question and expect a true answer. You won’t find what you are looking for. Everyone handles pain in a different threshold. Being a piercer, I have had everyone from cryers to no reactions for this piercing. You can’t rely on other people to tell you how bad it will hurt.
    Personally, I think the worst part of most piercings is the clamps used on some piercings. And if you REALLY wanted the piercing, pain would be no factor in it.

    Just follow all instructions you are given, relax, take a deep breath before the needle goes in and you’ll be done before you know it. Be sure to keep it clean as recommended and good luck. If something seems off about the piercer or procedure, STOP and take your money elsewhere. Never pay more that $50 for this and be sure to tip.

  6. surfer grl Says:

    It hurts really bad…dont get it done it does not look good on young girls.

  7. armani w Says:

    it depends on who you are but for me and my friends probably a 3

  8. Weasel Says:

    Pain is one of those things that is different for everyone b/c everyone has a different tolerance for pain. BUT from asking around and personal experience the average is about a 2, 2 1/2.

    Hope that helps.

  9. LaLa Says:

    it doesnt hurt trust me, getting your nose pierced hurts alot more, i say its like a 3 or a 4!!!

  10. meowf Says:

    dont get it done, piercings are supposed to be for sexual purposes not stupid ones like looking rocknroll. besides they get easily infected and the skin may push the piercing out of it.

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