Can you get a facial piercing with a clear plug as your first stud/ring?

I need some people out there who do piercing to tell me! I want to get a lip ring, but I can't have a facial piercing at my job. So can I immediately put in a clear plug after its pierced or do I have to wait for it to heal with a different ring/stud? I have already discussed getting a clear plug with my bosses, and it would be acceptable. I am aware that most jobs won't even allow the clear plugs, but it would work in my case.

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  1. '*:sadie:*' Says:

    Ask them to do a clear ring, they probably will. I think you should probably just wait until you aren’t at that job anymore… your job now might not even allow the clear ring.

  2. :) Says:

    You have to wait until its fully healed, putting a plastic retainer in will not allow it to heal properly and because plastic harbours bacteria it can cause infections.

  3. funwithsharpthings Says:

    no. you can’t. but even if you could, most jobs that don’t allow piercings would not let you get away with a retainer. they aren’t invisible

  4. Lava Says:

    They make glass retainers, and you can be pierced with them. Not all with be totally unnoticeable.

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