My lip piercing HURTS, PURPLE, BRUISED still after 4 weeks!?

Its been 4 weeks since I've gotten my lip piercing. During week 2-3 it was doing just fine so I decided that I could start doing oral with my bf. The next day my lip was swollen and it hurt a bit, now its horrible! My lip is really fat, it really hurts whenever touched, the inside of my lip piercing has a bit of puss coming out, its really purple inside and it looks like the hole where the piercing is ,is a bit bigger- kind of like a small gash rather than a hole. I've been washing it with salt water the whole time. I am guilty of touching the ring a few times without sterilized hands. I've seen the piercer when the first signs of bruising and swelling appeared but told me, "Its just healing." Which I think is bullshit. I don't have a webcam but I did do a drawing on paint xD so yea take a look if you don't quite understand what it looks like,

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  1. vitaminb Says:

    It’s probably infected. You have to see a doctor, or things may get worse.

  2. Stasha-pistachio Says:

    Rings always make a bigger hole. Another reason why studs are better. But you could have torn it a little.

    But I’d definately go find a different piercer for a different opinion, as bruised doesn’t sound so great.

    And remember white pus is a good thing!

  3. Diva D Says:

    Okay, so I have mine pierced too and Ive had it for almost 8 years now so…. Your lip is infected and if it isnt it will be if you dont take care of it now. I feel you I like to take care of my man too but you did not wait long enough to do that. You have to think about it. Your mouth is the wettest part of your entire body point blank which means its more likely to get infected especially if you give oral sex. Without any piercings you can catch an std of whatever in your mouth if you dont use a condom or if you do and dont use the rubber properly. You can actually catch an std including some forms of cancer in your mouth and throat quicker than if you have sexual intercourse. But he was right just by talking with it in your mouth you can get bruised because in all actuality it is a open wound. You most likely did rip the piercing while you were taking care of your man and didnt know it. The first day I got mine I ripped it while I was talking to my uncle and that shit hurt like hell. It turned purple and swelled up but no puss. Until u get to a doctor just rinse with ur salty water and use some listerine as strong as u can stand and youll be okay. Try not to eat things too hard(no pun intended)or sticky that will get stuck in your teeth because you will be surprised. Even when U rinse your mouth sometimes things are still stuck to the ring. So when it stops hurting use your tooth brush to softly clean ur lip ring. Oh and you might wanna buy a new toothbrush anyway because it is a open area and any little thing can get in there and cause an infection. Sorry its so long but i think I have good advice………..OH AND TELL YOUR BF Back off and control his self until you are healed cause if not hell be waiting much much longer the next time………….DIVA D HOLLA!!!

  4. ElizabethMichele Says:

    You NEVER remove an infected piercing, that traps the infection inside and lets it fester, usually making the problem worse. Just because it “feels fine” doesn’t mean it was healed, your piercer gave you instructions for a reason. You probably did tear it slightly, and there’s a good chance it may have a slight infection. Keep doing sea salt soaks for the out side and using a alcohol free mouth wash for the inside. For the swelling ice it for a while a couple of times a day. Did you tell your piercer that you were giving your guy head? If not then he didn’t really have anything to go on except for the fact that everyone bruises and swells differently.

    Follow what I said and if it doesn’t get better in a few days go back to your piercer or another piercer and fess up. If you can’t then you’ll need to see a Dr for some oral antibiotics, or if it isn’t infected (make very sure it isn’t though) take it out and let it heal and then have it redone a few months later.

  5. luvzu89 Says:

    It’s definitely sounds infected.
    Go to your doctor!!!!
    They can give you medicine(probably antibiotics) to help with the infection.
    But until you get to the doctor just continue to clean it and try not to mess with it.
    And ice will probably help with the swelling.

    But seriously your best option is the doctor.

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