Jaw pain after wisdom tooth extraction?

I just had my four wisdom teeth extracted over a week ago. The first few days were fine, regular healing pain and swelling. But on about the fifth day, I started having sharp pains in my jaw. I went to my oral surgeon, but he just brushed it off as normal. Over the past 3 days they have just gotten more and more extreme, and now its a constant piercing pain on both right and left sides. The pain medicine stopped working. I went through two prescriptions of Percocet, and I went back to him again. This time he was extremely rude, was very reluctant to prescribe me anything at all, and told me it's "probably" just not healing. Has anyone heard of this? Should I try going to another doctor?

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  1. Bangarang Says:

    That doesn’t sound right. I had mine extracted and didn’t experience that. I don’t think it’s dry sockets, but you never know. Go to a new doctor, for sure! That one sounds like a moron.

    p.s. get more percocet; it’s fantastic.

  2. Lola Says:

    You are going to encounter a LOT of problems as a young person with pain, I’ll just let you know now. Young people who are legitimately in pain are often mistaken for drug-seekers, with the end result of chronic, untreated pain. Your best bet is to ask for an x-ray; if there’s physical damage to your jaw, then he won’t really have a choice but to treat it. If he refuses to treat you, then absolutely make an appointment with another doctor. Good luck.

  3. nickipettis Says:

    first ( you will think this is crazy)

    try taking an aspirin, or better, an extra strength Excedrin. There are different pain receptors, they react to different pain killers.

    If it helps, it will help within an hour.

    since you had 4 wisdom teeth taken out at once, the pain is awful, and it DOES take more time – it is like the brian does not handle 4 pain sites well.

    ANYWAY, if the Excedrin doesn’t help at all, raise hell with your dentist or doc. could be infected sinuses, or something called a “dry socket” where the tooth was.

  4. FlowersYes Says:

    I agree to see another doctor. This shouldn’t be so painful. You could have infection touching the bone causing pain. If the Percocet isn’t helping, it’s not normal.

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