Should I be allowed to get a facial piercing at fourteen?

I am fourteen years old, and my mother will not let me get my lip re-pierced. I had my lip pierced for a month, until my school told me I had to take it out because it violated school rules or something like that. I'm going to a different school now, and they allow facial piercings, but my mom won't let me get it re-done. I paid for my lip piercing last time, and it was done professionally and my mother came with me. Yet, she says I'm too immature...? Which makes me question if she thinks I'm too immature then why did she let me get it done last time? I have a part time job at McDonald's, and when I was 12 and 13 I babysat during my entire summers for money. With my last piercing, everything went great as well, I took good care of it and everything. My grades in school are all B's and one C, and my mom still thinks I'm too immature... Please tell me your opinion =/ (I also have two earlobe piercings and two tragus piercings, so piercing aren't new for me..) ...I'd be paying for it, I paid for it last time as well.

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  1. Aaaaa Says:

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  2. Sara Says:

    Maybe she regrets letting you get it pierced the first time, which is why she is saying this now. It’s hard to say why she is doing this since we are only getting one side of the story.

    You could always try to sit down with her and ask her why it is she thinks you are immature. Or just wait a few years and get it re-pierced when you are of age.

  3. ahughes2660 Says:

    I would just wait.
    I didn’t get my nose pierced until I was 16.
    Maybe she doesn’t want to pay for it =P

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