Tongue Piercing Can Damage Teeth?

Tomorrow, I'll be getting my tongue pierced. And no, I'm not concerned on whether or not it will hurt. What I'm concerned about is my teeth. They say oral piercings, such as your tongue or lip, can damage your teeth; by clinking/scraping against them. I already have my lip done, but it barely even touches my teeth. But what can I do to where my tongue piercing doesn't damage my teeth as much? Thanks :) oooh baha guido! be specific dumb@ss :) my teeth or tongue? XD

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  1. heb1825 Says:

    I never had my tongue pierced, but a lot of my friends did. I think the biggest issue is that most people play with them with their teeth. If you are careful not to do that, then I think you should be ok.

  2. jhon y Says:

    The damage is most likely from you playing with your piercing and rubbing it against your teeth.

    Most likely you’ll get a piercing with a ball on the end which should reduce the damage. Just be careful when you play with it so it doesn’t rub against your teeth.

  3. Wendy Says:

    That’s not true. I’ve had mine pierced for about 2 years now & it didnt damage my teeth, even when I go to the dentist they don’t tell me that it’s bad for my teeth. The only thing is that you might want to wear plastic piercings instead of stainless steal cause I heard those give you bad breath? Lol idk if its true though.

  4. guido Says:

    wonder what that will be like when you’re 50……………………..

  5. shady sunshine Says:

    I know a person who had their tongue pierced, and she is always having tooth problems because of the clanking.

  6. michael s Says:

    The only thing you might experience is tenderness or soreness of a tooth once in awhile…imagine having a metal object hitting your teeth…its going to eventually irritate one of the nerves in the tooth itself giving you a toothache..(not bad)……and also the other thing you have to worry about is the metal rubbing against your teeth and erroding the enamel….which is the protective coating of a tooth….once that is compromised…then anything cold or hot…you will notice pain right away…..There’s pro’s and con’s to everything in life….this however is your decision.

  7. Jimmy Says:

    All these answers are wrong.

    I had my tongue pierced for 5 years. I had a stainless steel one. Bad choice. Go with one that has plastic balls on the end. The only downfall with plastic is the threads might wear out and the ball will fall out randomly and you might swallow. With the stainless, well, i’ve accidentally bitten it. That hurts your teeth, and could chip them. Also, when you go to screw on or screw off the ball, you will most likely use your teeth to hold the ring/bar still, bad idea, that can chip the ends of your front teeth.

    My recommendation is to use a ring/bar with plastic balls and don’t use your teeth to grip the bar when putting it on or taking it off.

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