Is is illegal for a minor to get genital piercings even with parental consent?

I asked a piercing place a few questions about it and as soon as I said that I was 17 they say they "couldn't" do genital piercings on minors whether they had parental consent or not. I was wondering if it was illegal or just their rule. This question is not for you to voice your opinions about getting genital piercings. I am acting my own age Sarah... I will be a legal adult in less than 6 months. My maturity level could be much higher just like I'm sure you are over 18 and yours is much lower. :) and to the father. Good for you. I have respect for my body and I'm not doing it for a guy, I'm doing it for me. It may seem slutty but I know that I'm not a slut. And my parents do know about it, thank you. Thats why it says WITH parental consent, meaning they will sign. And my dad would never tell me that I have nice tits and butt. PERVERT! To everyone else...thank you for ANSWERING THE QUESTION and not trying to act like my parents.

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  1. jbspoiledeyes Says:

    I think it might not be legal. you’re going to have to wait until you’re 18

  2. Cassi Says:

    probably just their rules… just wait until you turn 18, you don’t have that long to go =)

  3. Tripp's Dad-4/13/09 Says:

    they can do it till your a certain age. unless you have parental consent, if someone found out that you are too young and didnt have permisson from your parents, they could get fined or even worse.

  4. Megan Says:

    its illegal because your under the age of 18. just like child pornography is illegal

  5. Kristin Says:

    Some states/cities have laws that say you have to wait, even with consent. Especially places where there are alot of drunk teens, like Ocean City, Md.

    I tried to get my ears pierced with my mom there when I was 17 and they said its a city rule. So just wait.

  6. Katy F Says:

    i’m pretty sure if the piericer sees any spot that your underwear doesn’t cover, you have to be 18. sry

  7. Sarah S Says:

    why the hell would you even want a genital pericing at 17?

    thats a decison adults make anyway, usually for a partner not themelves.

    stop trying to be grown up and act your age. thats just wrong on many levels.

  8. Inked Mama to my Beautiful Boy Says:

    Depends where you’re from; any idiot can work out that laws differ from place to place, so that info might help.

    The thought of a 17 year old kid wanting a genital piercing makes me absolutely shudder.

  9. Miz Manda .... Says:

    This is not true. However it depends on the state. Some states have ordinances that state no below the belt piercings on minors. So that depends on the state and the artist. Most will allow it as money is money as long as consent forms are signed. However as I liscensed piercer I recomend not getting any genital piercings. They cause odor, and often get infected. These piercings are very common to have many nasty affects.

  10. richard g Says:

    Boy toys and guys who just want to use you>>> SEEK GIRLS
    who have no respect for their bodies. You are way to young
    to know how slutty this question is !!!!!! I am a proud father
    of 3 grown daughters // woman ages 18 24 25 yrs old.
    They have brains beauty boobs & buttttts !!!!!!! I don’t feel
    your mother would like to know your pu$$y is pierced.
    Buy nice clothes , jewelry , makeup & perfume. Don’t get
    pregnant or use sex to get attention from a guy. By the
    way did I mention my brother DIED OF Aids !!!!!!

  11. Heather W Says:

    In most states, you must be 18 period. In unregulated states (ie, states that have no laws relating to body piercing), many shops will pierce at 16 or 17, but no “sexual piercings”.

    Lets think about this. You are under 18. Which makes it illegal for anyone to touch your genitals. This is not a medical procedure – it’s a sexual piercing and they can be sued. Its not worth the risk for any shop.

    Kudos to the shop for turning you down. You have a whopping year to wait. Suck it up.

  12. bluestetson Says:

    It’s pretty illegal. As a minor, the only people (outside of a relationship, provided you’re both over the age of consent) that are legally okay to see you naked are your doctor, your parents, and yourself.

    I know in some states, like mine, female genital piercings are completely illegal and are classed as the same procedure as female circumcision, which is utterly ridiculous, but there you go.

  13. Chelsea B Says:

    Genital and female nipples. You MUST wait until you are 18, with or with out parental consent

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