Surface Piercing vs. Microdermal?( UNDER COLLAR BONE)?

So Im plain on getting this Piercing here in the video... Video: But I here there PERMANENT? Is that true like I cant take them out EVER not even when Im old ;) lol If so that's fine... Im planing on getting 2 on each side under my collar bone. How do I clean them? How long dose it take for them to heal? What's the Proper name for this kind of piercing? Are these better to get then the Surface Bar? thnkx -PAIGE

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  1. Bored Again Says:

    Actually they are considered SEMI-permanent, not permanent. The ‘semi’ comes from the fact that they must be cut from the skin to be removed or violently ripped out, (like mine was), although some have simply fallen out (possibly because of incorrect piercing or due to rejection). Because of this fact the risk of scarring is much higher when they are removed. Cleaning is best done with sea salt soaks and healing time is about 4 months. The proper name is just that, a dermal anchor, microdermal, collar bone piercing, etc. There might be some fancy name but if you say ‘I want a microdermal on my collar bone’ they’re not going to laugh at you for incorrect terminology. Yes, microdermals have several advantages over surface bars (I’ve had both). First of all, the actual piercing process is much faster than a surface bar. Healing time is MUCH faster, 4 months instead of 8-12+. They have a lower risk of rejection, although I found that mine didn’t drain very well and as a result because irritated very easily (since it’s a single point piercing there isn’t really anywhere for it to go). The only advantage that surface bars have over microdermals is price, a dermal will cost you $60+ per dermal (so $120 if you want per side if you want 2 on each, $240 total), a surface bar will only set you back about $70 (or $140 total).

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