Is my monroe piercing infected or just irritated?

Yeah I know there's a lot of q's and a's that deal with this particular piercing, but I needed to know the answer to this having my own details of what I've observed. I got this piercing three weeks ago, so by now I figured it was time to change out the bar since there's no swelling. However, yesterday I was cleaning the outside with a q-tip and bactine and noticed that it was more red around the hole than usual.[I haven't changed the piercing out] It's kind of sore to the touch, but there's no discomfort when I eat or drink anything. I'm not sure if it's just irritation or actual infection. What should I do? The inside has healed perfectly, it's just the outside i'm worried about. I also have the unscented dial soap that I used earlier in the healing process, along with saltwater. If it helps any I DO smoke cigarettes but have been very loyal with rinsing my mouth out with a medical oral rinse I got from my doctor and I am aware that smoking slows the healing should I just wait and see what happens?

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  1. equineriderfourlife Says:

    One bactine is stupid stop using it.
    Use sea salt soaks and just soak your lip in it for 10 min. and pat dry with paper towel.
    Do not change the piercing out you should wait at lest 6 weeks to even think changing it out.
    keep cleaning and drop using the bactine and move to sea salt soaks and hopefully it should be fine. If after 3 days- a week it isnt better at all go consult your doctor.

  2. Kristie Says:

    Like the first person said, Bactine is not good for piercings. It’s too harsh and contains too many chemicals.

    You are right to think it’s time to change the post. When the swelling goes down, most people need to change to a shorter post in order to avoid dental damage and damage to the piercing. Please have a piercer change it to avoid further irritation and possible infection.

    It sounds like your piercing is irritated, rather than infected. The irritation can come from a few things. It’s not out of the ordinary. Smoking doesn’t help and will probably prolong the healing, but it’s not a huge deal. Just make sure you’re rinsing out your mouth with bottled water after each time you smoke. You don’t need to use mouth wash. Mouth wash has alcohol and perfumes in it that cause the piercing to dry out and become irritated.

    I would just do sea salt swishes/soaks twice a day from now on. It’s gentile enough that it won’t irritate your piercing, but it will clean it. Also, you can take some ibuprofin to help with the irritation.

    Good luck! :)

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