What would you do in my situation?

Hello everyone: Suppose that my and my possibly soon to be ex girlfriend have been dating for 11 months now. We are both near the end of our University career. Now suppose that I have a phobia for piercings, (I'm fine with the run on the mill ear lobe piercing, but anything else is just too extreme for me), and have told her my phobia several times. However, the other day she got a piercing that would make me really uncomfortable, without telling me. I understand that it is her body, and she can do what ever she pleases. But now I don't know how to react or be around her. What I thought is that if I have a problem with it, I should just take myself out of the picture. I guess piercings have certain effects for me, I think she called it a Dermal piercing? I just can't even find myself make physical contact with her anymore. And, we've talked about it, (more like fight) because I told her my position with it, and that I reminded her that I am not comfortable with piercings, and that I would probably break up with her if she ever did. So now she's calling me a chicken for not "facing my fears" (yes it is a stupid phobia, hey some people are afraid of peaches and blood). However she suggested that if she were to remove it, she would hate me for asking her, and that that she also didn't want to lose me. But if she does, I would have to pay her the cost of her piercing, $140 bucks, its not much, but I just feel kind of cheated, may be I should just move on. I deal with people with piercings on a daily bases, I am just not comfortable with the position and placement of her piercings.

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  1. Timbalisto Says:

    it’s stupid that she would dump you over a piercing she did not consult you about and expect you to be cool with it even when you’ve propagated to her you do not like piercings.

  2. Michelle Says:

    in my opinion she should have talked to u about it first. u said u had told her a few times that u have a phobia. i would think if she loved u then she would have respected that.

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