how safe is a receiving a hand job from a stranger?

is it possible to catch any sort of diseases like herpes/ STD, HIV through a hand job? would a covered hand job with condom make it foolproof

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  1. Tim Says:

    Unless they are getting bodily fluids on their hands that are entering your body I think you’re good.

  2. Lava Says:

    Handies are pretty safe and crazy safe when protected, the main worry is fingernails and whether they can scratch skin or pierce whatever barrier you are using. Things that are transmitted through skin contact alone do exist, and broken skin would be a risk factor, so yeah, it would make a handjob safer to have someone use a condom, or a latex glove, or cut a condom up to make a flat surface. Depending on the type of genitals that you have or that you’re trying to handjibber, you didn’t specify.

    As far as unprotected sex goes, handjobs are probably as least risky as you can get and still interact with someone else’s genitals. It’s not 100% safe, no sex besides standing across the room and masturbating while yelling sexy things at each other is totally safe. Don’t give helping hands when you have cuts and wash em afterward, and of course keep your nails short and clean and demand the same of people that are giving you tuggies, and you’ll be fine. The risk of getting a horrible disease from a handjob, either given or received? Probably far less than your chance of dying in a car wreck today.

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