Does anyone have an idustrial piercing in their ear?

I'm 14, and my mom says that I can get an industrial piercing in my ear for graduation. Does anyone have any information or tips, etc aboiut this piercing? It would help a lot. Thanks. ***industrial

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  1. asssholejohn Says:

    Its retarded my ex wanted one

  2. smudgeward Says:

    Frankenstein had 2 in his neck that I know of.

  3. Courtney Says:

    I have my industrial done, I’ve wanted mine since I was 14-15. I’ve had mine for almost six months-six months tomorrow. I have a couple of tips that I have learned along the way. First, in the first few days your ear might swell so ibuprofen will be your best friend, it was for me. It will help with the swelling and the pain. Second, do sea salt soaks. Sea salt soaks will help your ear heal and will draw out any infection if there happen to be one along the healing process. I’ve found that with the industrial to do the soaks is to get a soup bowl and pour the sea salt into the bowl and fill it with warm water. The water should taste no saltier than your tears or a potato chip. You might feel really stupid putting your ear in a bowl but it works. You should do the soaks for 10 minutes a day, twice a day. You can do it once a week if you want but the more you do it the better off the industrial will be. I have also made my own sea salt solution and I make it an old ear care bottle from Wal-Mart that I hadn’t used in a while and emptied it out and just use the bottle for making the solution. I use that homemade solution every day, morning and night and that seems to work pretty well for me if I don’t feel like dunking my ear. Another thing is when you get your ear done go out and buy some Anti-bacterial soap, like liquid soft-soap. You should also get lots of q-tips. The q-tips work great with cleaning around the holes.

    When you dry your ear after you have cleaned it and done your sea salt soaks you should dry it with paper towels because the paper towels don’t carry as much bacteria as the cloth towels do.

    Also my industrial is a 14 gauge barbell. The gauge depends on the piercer but I believe the gauge size ranges for 12 or a 14 gauge barbell, you can also have the piercer put in Captive Bead Rings (CBR), they are rings with a bead, in to help the piercing heal faster but sometimes the piercing angle will be off with the CBR. The 12 gauge is bigger than the 14 gauge. The industrial takes about 6 months to a year to heal. You can change your jewelry in six months but if you do decide to do that, you should go to your piercer to do it and have them have a look at it. They will be the ones who will change it safely until it is fully healed.

    I have linked one of the websites that I love. It has piercing aftercare, pictures, experiences, and even a message board. It’s a really good site.

    I hope I helped you. If you have any more questions, post them here or email me. I will try to answer them best I can and if I can’t I will try to find the answer.


  4. cand1cemar1e Says:

    I’ve had my industrial for a little over a year now, with a few problems in the beginning it’s doing great now and “healed”. Cartilage piercings are a great investment in time when it comes to the long healing process and taking care of them. I would suggest getting pierced with two barbells to start out with, I had bumps for months that wouldn’t calm down until I switched to two pieces, and as soon as it was healed I switched back to the long bar.
    Before you go get pierced I would suggest researching shops in your area and check with how many they’ve did and if they have pictures of their work, ask as many questions as you want no question is stupid when it comes to your body. I would suggest making sure you have a mild anti-bacterial soap such as Provon or Satin, some ibuprofen, and sea salt.
    Never use alcohol, peroxide, neosporin or anything of the sort on your new piercing they can hinder healing. Also if you sleep on your side either get it on the side you don’t sleep on or you can sort of make a U shape with your pillow and arm to allow the piercing to not be in contact with your pillow. Avoid getting pool water in your ear this summer and take good care of your body by taking vitamins and drink plenty of water.

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