How do I hide a normal left ear piercing?

I am 13 going on 14, I have no piercings but my parents would say no from the moment i asked. I just want to get my left ear pierced and I live in toronto so how am i supposed to show the piercer I have parental permission?

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  1. old lady Says:

    Bottom line is, you can’t. You’ll have to wait until you grow up and are legal to get it done without your parents’ permission. That goes for anywhere, not just for Toronto.

  2. pretty in pink Says:

    first if you want to hide it put hair in front of it or put a bandaid on it and say you got hurt if you want to show them you have parental permission ask an aunt or uncle if they live near you to come with you if they think it is ok and you could say that they are your parents plus once its done you cant really take it out without your ear getting infected hope i helped

  3. pixipop202 Says:

    have a friend go eith you. An older friend, or a friends mom, or an aunt or someone, and tell them it is your gaurdian. MY aunt toook me to get it done. Go to Claires. They don’t make any fuss about diffrent last names. ANd when you get it done, if you have long hair, that can hide it.

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