best way to clean and look after vertical tragus (surface piercing)?

i have just had my vertical tragus surface piercing and omg its so awesome i love it! :D but just wondering the best way to look after it and keep it clean :)

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  1. Nein Says:

    Clean it 2-3x a day with saline for 5-10 minutes. Saline soaks act as a vacuum by drawing out harmful bacteria in the piercings, they clean the piercing very well (both inside and out) without damaging the forming fistula which is great. Saline soaks also feel great on any sore piercing (with the proper measurements) and saline helps piercings heal faster.

    Saline is 1/8 to 1/4 tablespoon of pure sea salt diluted it 8 oz. of warm distilled/bottled water. You should be able to find pure sea salt at your local grocery store, i don’t suggest sea salt without iodine because that sea salt still (generally) has the anti-caking agent in it which is very harmful for healing piercings.

    On top of saline soaks, make sure you do not touch the piercing at all or play with the jewelry. Do not submerge your piercing in unhygienic bodies of water until it’s fully healed, try to not snag it on anything, ALWAYS wash your hands before having any contact with the piercing, make sure your hair doesn’t come into contact with the piercing, make sure no shampoo + conditioner gets into the piercing and please go to your piercer if you have any questions/experience any complications, they’re licensed for a reason.

    If you experience any swelling, put ice on the piercing, take an ibuprofen and elevate your head while sleeping and it should gradually go away. Also, make sure that you have the proper jewelry in for the piercing, that’s crucial. If it’s a vertical surface tragus (on the side of your temple, not the actual tragus) you should have an internally threaded surface bar.

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