what kind of piercing to get next?

i have my vertical hood piercing, my nipples, my belly and what else can i get that only my partner would get to see also that we would enjoy? i cant get my tongue pierced because of work

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  1. cAptain cocaine Says:


  2. colaagirll Says:

    tongue? lol

  3. I have no fuck you Says:

    A rail road spike through the cranium.

  4. Angela Says:

    go wild, go south.

  5. krille Says:


  6. John Says:

    Well, your options that meet all of the criteria have pretty much been pierced already. You could get surface piercings, like the hips, but they don’t last very long and are something that you definitely don’t want your boyfriend to be playing with.

    However, you could just go for crossed (horizontal and vertical) nipple piercings (which are very sexy, my favorite of all), or get more genital piercings, which looks hot too. Finally, some women get multiple belly button piercings, like this: http://xb5.xanga.com/dedf055628730240083922/z189970720.jpeg

    All of the above are great options, but if you come up with any more ideas and aren’t sure about them, just e-mail me for more advice. I’ll gladly help you.

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