Can an ear piercing of 4 years close in 4 days?

My daughter is 5 years old and had her ears pierced since she was 1 yr old. One ear was irritated a bit and we took the piercing out for 4 days and now can't get it back in. Is it possible it closed? Do we have to repierce?

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  1. Stephanie Says:

    chances are the ear hole hasn’t closed. Since it was irritated it might have had a little puss… I’ll wear studs sometimes for a week and when I take my earrings out they’re hard to get back in because they have little scabs on them…. try putting some earrings in that have a small stem. It might hurt for a little bit but wiggle them around…. good luck!

  2. <3caitlyn. Says:

    it will probably go back in, you just have to push .
    & it might hurt . but i suggest you go to the piercing place first to see if it closed . because ive had my ears pierced that long , & even when i took it out for about a week, it didnt close .

  3. vad Says:

    It is possible, but not likely. Usually it will take a little force to get them through and puss may/may not come out. Just wash her ears twice a day with soap and water.

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