Should I get a facial piercing? (pics) boyfriend hates the idea lol?

Sorry, had to ask this again... The nuns and priests of Yahoo answers had it deleted. My mum said for my birthday coming up, I could have a facial piercing, I've already got my belly button done. Thing is, I don't want to end up regretting it in the future and my boyfriend really doesn't like piercings. Also, where should i get one (on my face)? zoom in on the picture, makes all the difference :-). not really, it hurts for like a minute.. then however long it takes to heal it will hurt... Mine took about 2 weeks to heal... :-)

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    If you must.. eyebrow.

  2. 'ello, i'm kelsey. Says:

    no, you are too pretty for all that junk.

  3. Taylor marie Says:

    mmm maybe nose??
    im sorry but i jus wanted to no -did it hurt really bad wen u got her belly button peirced??
    i want to get mine done but im kinda nervous! haha

  4. River Says:

    Totally agree with ‘ello, Iam Kelsey

  5. Little Princess Says:

    Seconds on what ello said. If your bf doesn’t like the idea, why do you want to do it?

  6. MissLindy Says:

    Aw, you’re so pretty! Don’t mess it up with a piercing. It takes a special kind of face to pull off an eyebrow piercing, and you’ve got a very classical, lovely face. Do a tongue piercing if you absolutely must do something, but for the love of GAHD, don’t get the nose piercing, they look like sparkly boogers/zits.

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