piercing ideas and suggestions.?

next point in my life is coming along..and id like to mark it with a piercing. i have all the ear piercings i want, and not that keen on facial piercings. my nipple is planned for another special occasion..and i plan on getting dermals at the end of the year. do any of you have an suggestions besides ears, nipple, facial or oral piercings? are dermals on hips a bad idea? this area moves alot so will it prevent healing? once it does heal, is it okay to do alot of ab exercise etc?

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  1. Gemma T Says:

    Hi there, i don’t know whether you are male or female, but if you are female have you considered getting your belly button pierced?

  2. B C Says:

    Um…..genital piercings? lol
    I’ve seen some cool surface piercings like on peeps backs or they have pierced inbetween their fingers, the webbish part. They are some cool different piercings. You can get enough on the back that you can lace it up, but you have to be dedicated to them. :)

  3. Belinda M Says:

    Corset piercing? I had a madison but removed it when I had babies as I didn’t want them pulling on it, I miss it.

  4. luvmybully Says:

    you can get a nape piercing if your not to scared, they look amazing but the healing time takes forever

  5. a7x<33 Says:

    Reverse Navel, I Love that piercing
    I Want One So BAD!

  6. lill_blooderfly Says:

    What about an implant like that http://www.bodypiercingpictures.painfulpleasures.com/showphoto.php/photo/6286
    supposedly hurts quite a lot, but you can get it in any spot and it doesn’t get ripped out as easily as a surface piercing

  7. Ashley S Says:

    try the website below i no him personally nd hes very good at peircings
    even if u dont live in this area his website has alot of ideas

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