I want to get a facial piercing but I’m 16…?

I live in Vermont. Can i go get one without parental consent? or do i need to have my mom come in?

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  1. missmymy87 Says:

    You’re over 13 so yeah.
    That’s only if you get tattoos.

  2. Paigeybear Says:

    In every state in the U.S., you must be eighteen years old to get any kind of piercing without consent [no exceptions]. So find a shop where they pierce sixteen year olds with consent and bring your mom [with photo IDs and proof you're her child].

  3. Jessica_isOff_theHeezy Says:

    bahaha if you cant get your mom to sign, do what i did last night.

    i went and got a huge needle, and half way pierced my monroe.
    so my mom freaked out and took me to a shop :D

  4. answer? =) Says:

    You must be over 13 to get a facial piercing.
    And if you must be over 18 to go without your mom.

    So, when you go bring your school i.d and your birth cirtificate.

    Then your mom will have to fill out some paper work, and consent form.


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