My cartilage piercing is 6 months old. Why is it doing this?

Hey, I am 14 and I got my helix pierced in March of this year. (It has a horseshoe ring in it) I had to switch the jewelry a couple times for soccer this past month, but it was healthy and seemed okay. I haven't changed it for about a week. The past 2 days, it has been kinda sore randomly. Tonight when I cleaned it, there was a little bit of dried blood mixed with the crusties. This is really unusual. How can I make it stop hurting and make it healthy again? Is it infected? Also, on the OTHER ear, on my lobe piercing, it was getting infected (I could tell by the smell), but I never wear earrings on my lobes because they are infection prone. I haven't worn earrings in months. My cartilage piercing has never been infected before. Help please????? Thanks!!! They only get infected when I put earrings in them (lobes). I don't even know if they are infected or not. They get irritated. And there is no way I am abandoning it. No. Way.

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  1. deepsoul20 Says:

    Have your piercer check it out. Some cartilage piercings still have a hard time healing even when pierced with a piercing needle.

  2. ??ced Says:

    Cartilage piercings take a long time to heal, so you shouldn’t be changing it this soon. By messing with it, you’ve prolonged the healing process. Stop changing it, and treat it like a healing piercing.

    With the lobe piercing, I doubt it’s an infection. Try cleaning your ears regularly, and wearing high quality jewelry when you do wear earrings.

  3. Junaine Says:

    Okk 1st thinq..
    take the earing off !!
    because if u leave iht onn it will get worse!
    so take iht off get a cotton and apply ear care thinqq to your ear and dont worry if the hole closes jzt let it close and than wait at least 6 weeks to pearce iht aqain ..
    and also try puttin ice onn top of the hole onn ur cartilage ..
    and take motrin if ur really feelinq alot of pains ur pain will go away so put ice and ear care
    and take the earinq off and jzt rest ur ear on ur pillow and watch tv ..
    it will get better trust meh ! lolsz..

    * Junaine *
    Byee byee (:
    Hopee ih helpeddd =]]]

  4. funwithsharpthings Says:

    at 6 months, your cartilage would be just at the beginning of maybe being healed. the fact that you have been changing the jewelry tells me that the 6 month thing is probably not really where you’re at. meaning…
    it’s not healed. leave it alone. you need to do saline soaks twice a day. go to for proper aftercare and what to avoid.
    also, if your lobes are prone to infection, what makes you think you can pierce your cartilage? lobes are wayyyyy easier, and if they don’t work for you, cartilage will give you nothing but problems.
    in your lobes, try titanium. do saline soaks on them and see if you have any problems that last longer than the first couple days. my guess is with the proper quality jewelry you will be fine. if you continue to have problems with your lobes with titanium, i would consider abandoning your cartilage piercings.

  5. Mina Says:

    My first tip is to NEVER touch your piercings with unwashed or dirty hands. When you take a shower your body wash, shampoo, conditioner, etc. may be sticking to your earrings. Try rinsing them better. A sea salt wash may work for this problem. Try an unscented anti-bacterial or anti-microbial soap. The best advice i have is to keep an eye on it. If the problem persists go see a doctor. Infections are nothing less than serious. I hope I was helpful and best of luck with your ear. P.s. never use rubbing alcohol, or peroxide.

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